ABBA: 'We Thought We'd Be Forgotten After Break-Up'

"I firmly believed that in a year or two we will fall into oblivion," says Bjorn Ulvaeus.

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ABBA founder Bjorn Ulvaeus admitted thinking that people would forget about the legendary act in a matter of months following the 1982 break-up.

However, the four-piece went on to sell over 380 million albums and secure a place as one of pop culture's everlasting phenomenons.

"The perspective I had was one year at a time," Bjorn told Digital Spy. "After we decided to go on a break - which was in '82 - I firmly believed that in a year or two we will fall into oblivion. I sincerely believed that!"

ABBA celebrated the 40th anniversary of their Eurovision win with "Waterloo" on April 6. Back in November, rumors surfaced about the band considering a one-off reunion. However, no new info was announced as of yet.

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    Bjorn Ulvaeus?!? That is THE most metal name I've ever heard outside of GWAR members.
    Don't Ask
    Swedes, you know. It's really Björn, with an umlaut, which makes it even more metal.
    And translates as "bear"
    Why do you think I'm so proud of my (user)name? it's my real name too. Bjarne is a different form of Björn. and it's indeed the word for bear. god I love my name.
    I've seen this dude before and I didnt know he was in ABBA oh well time to listen to Summer Night City again
    Abba is quite influential in both rock and metal music. They won't ever be forgotten.
    ABBA is one those bands that even the most brutal death metal bands would admit to liking.
    I tried to forget but I had to listen to Fernando every day on the school bus.