ABBA: 'We Thought We'd Be Forgotten After Break-Up'

artist: ABBA date: 04/09/2014 category: general music news
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ABBA: 'We Thought We'd Be Forgotten After Break-Up'
ABBA founder Bjorn Ulvaeus admitted thinking that people would forget about the legendary act in a matter of months following the 1982 break-up.

However, the four-piece went on to sell over 380 million albums and secure a place as one of pop culture's everlasting phenomenons.

"The perspective I had was one year at a time," Bjorn told Digital Spy. "After we decided to go on a break - which was in '82 - I firmly believed that in a year or two we will fall into oblivion. I sincerely believed that!"

ABBA celebrated the 40th anniversary of their Eurovision win with "Waterloo" on April 6. Back in November, rumors surfaced about the band considering a one-off reunion. However, no new info was announced as of yet.
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