AC/DC Back In Charts

They've also been admitted to the Grammy Hall Of Fame with their best-selling album "Back In Black".

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AC/DC are back in the charts after finally releasing their entire catalogue on iTunes.

The band had avoided digital stores because it encourages single track sales over full album purchases. However, it has now worked in their favour, with the song "Back In Black" reaching number 31 and "Highway To Hell" hitting number 40.

If you've been waiting to buy their entire discography, you can get it all at a discounted $150 from iTunes now.

Meanwhile, their best-selling album "Back In Black" has been added to the Grammy Hall of Fame in Los Angeles. A total of 933 albums have been admitted to recognise their historic significance. "Back In Black" has easily earned its place, with over 50 million copies sold worldwide.

Yesterday we streamed their brand new live album "AC/DC: Live At Riverplate" in full. It's their first live release in 20 years, and is available on vinyl or CD.

If the current rush of AC/DC fever isn't enough for you, they even have a new pinball game with their soundtrack available on iOS for $2.99 now.

Will AC/DC regret posting their albums to iTunes once the single sales die down? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    I love this band, mainly because they are so professional, rarely talk to press, no drink/drugs (except for bon) and they never get into any of the drama that other get into hint hint axl rose, they just get the job done, they play amazing 3 hour shows that never disapoint, that is why, ac/dc are one of the best bands of all time
    Malcolm young had such a huge drinking problem that during a tour, his nephew Stevie replaced him as Malcolm dealt with his problem.
    Hmm, never heard that one atleast he dealt with it and there was no drama whatsoever, they just got on with it
    kmaster 1337
    Also, in 2010 Phil Rudd was arrested for possession of 25g of marijuana, just thought I'd add
    Dope is nothing mate, doesnt count as drugs....but it happens, adam clayton was facing criminal record for king a joint in his car.....its bollocks
    Back In Black is 25th now and there's 5 in the top 100. THIS IS AWESOME!
    I think it was smart for them to hold off, create some publicity around it, then use it when they are promoting a new live album. Either they are really smart, lucky or have the best management team ever. Either way, they deserve it, they've always stuck to their roots and make great rock music.
    when i'm president i'm changing washington dc to washington ac/dc
    Those songs had over a million people singing every word to them at The 1991 Monsters of Rock show in Moscow. Overrated songs would have lost their popularity, ICONIC songs have a million people in one place singing along.
    Hey we didn't want you guys buying singles because your not getting the full album experience... buy our pinball game :|
    I've never liked AC/DC. It doesn't matter to me if they're "the greatest rock n' roll band", about 95% of their music is boring to me and sounds the same to me. I said it.
    Probably the 2 most overrated songs in rock history. The greatest album they made was Powerage, people are too stupid so they join the overrated singles bandwagon
    I disagree with this comment thoroughly, although I will say that I agree Powerage is definitely one of their best albums. The word "overrated" really rustles my jimmies.
    Oh Well. A band that does not care makes it to the top 10....Hi Black Sabbath, How are you?
    I hope rock can get back in the mainstream, even if its bad rock/metal it will be better than what we have now
    Say what you want about AC/DC issuing the same album over and over again, but they know what works and what people want, and the fact that they're back in the charts again proves that.