AC/DC Frontman Was Almost Tricked Into Buying Into Soccer Team

Newcastle United tried to get Brian Johnson to bank roll club.

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When you are one of the wealthiest musicians of all time, it's an inevitability that people will try to scam you out of money. Your childhood favourite soccer team is probably the last people that you'd expect it from, though. As Classic Rock reports, AC/DC front man Brian Johnson was almost tricked into investing half a million into Newcastle United back in 1981, by club legend Jackie Milburn: "Jackie was such a wonderful man and he was just so worried about the way the club was going. He took me in to see the board. I was very excited about doing it, then about halfway through we looked at each other and realised they wanted me to put half a million pound in the club. This was 1981 or 82. At the time was a fortune and for that they were going to make me an honorary board member, with no decisions and no say. I realised that it was just a big stitch-up by these greedy men who wanted more money from some silly pop star dude who would just throw it in because of his love for the club."

Newcastle United are the local team for Johnson, who grew up in Dunston, Tyne and Wear.

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    Glass Prisoner
    "...they wanted me to put half a million pound in the club. This was 1981 or 82. At the time was a fortune" Pocket change now, eh Brian?
    I think it meant that it was a way more significant amount of money to him because he didn't have as much money back then as he does now.
    "AC/DC Frontman Was Almost Tricked Into Buying Into FOOTBALL Team" Fixed that for you.
    Soccer originates from Britain, now hush.
    football=world's most popular sport played with your FOOT and a BALL handegg=american version of rugby
    From 1981 to 1996 Newcastle went from languishing in the old second division to very nearly winning the Premier League with Kevin Keegan. So really, it probably wouldn't have been a bad little investment.
    Fuck the dirty scum inbred geordies and their greggs sausage rolls . SAFC forever (in the championship of course !)
    No dude it means in 1981 1/2 million was worth a hell of a lot more than half a million now because of inflation and that
    FTM HMV in northumberland street seems to be populated by monkeys and uncle brothers , Newcastle upon tyne , an anagram for the great unwashed . Not surprised he moved away to the states .
    Oh and did I say FTM ? ;
    Haha - you thick mackem twat, even on a guitar forum you're OBSESSED!!!!
    Thick mackem twat ? My wife of 20 years calls me worse than that , she's been a season ticket holder with her dad since Keegan's day (might have been a few times myself , shhh mind , neebody should know !!) But our 4 lads are red and white , it's cheaper !!