AC/DC Guitarist Malcolm Young 'Very Sick,' Band Reportedly Calling It Quits

Brain clot reportedly caused Young to forget how to play guitar, band not continuing without him.

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Sad news have recently surfaced from the AC/DC camp, noting that guitarist Malcolm Young is very ill and that the band is left with no other choice but to call it quits.

Initially, a series of contradicting stories began to appear. The Australia dismissed the initial rumors, saying that a "music industry source" revealed that the band has booked studio time in Canada for six weeks starting May 1.

On the other hand, a 3AW article claimed that the band might announce retirement as early as tomorrow, with the radio host sharing grim doubts about how "we may not hear them perform or record ever again," also pointing at Malcolm as the reason behind the situation.

Unfortunately, more info regarding the possibility of split and Young's bad health surfaced. Mark Evans, the son of band's original singer Dave Evans, tweeted that "Malcolm Young is very sick... [Malcolm's son] Ross Young spoke to my father this morning because the cat got out... But yes, the band will be finished... No new shows or music."

Evans further noted that Malcolm's condition had been going on for several months, also saying that the official statement will surface soon.

According to the Orstrahyun report by journalist Darryl Mason, "when AC/DC recently reunited in a rehearsal studio, Malcolm Young discovered he had forgotten how to play, due to a brain clot.

"AC/DC won't continue playing and recording without Malcolm," the report reads. "It can't be done. AC/DC is his band, he started AC/DC, under the guidance of big brother George Young (producer, songwriter) and encouraged his younger brother Angus to join. Malcolm Young has been the quiet motivator and boss of the band for four decades, co-writing nearly all of AC/DC's classics.

"His passion for the band and its music, and integrity, were so intense, he used to have fistfights with his younger brother, Angus, in the studio, when disagreements about a sound or riff couldn't be resolved. Proper punch-ups, teeth were lost, blood was drawn," Mason concluded.

*both previous tweets were deleted shortly after posting

We'll keep you updated on the situation in hope that rumors aren't true. Unfortunately, some of the sources are pretty solid and strongly indicate that after 41 years of non-stop rocking, AC/DC are through. Stay tuned.

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    No matter how much this sucks, which is massively does, complete respect to AC/DC for not deciding to move on without a founding member, as many bands do.
    ...Bon Scott?
    Bon Scott is not a founding member.
    Also, not trying to belittle him or anything, but Bon Scott was only in the band for 6 years, and they were still building their legacy at that point, so it would have been dumb to stop because of that. Now their legacy is set, and it'd probably be weird having to replace somebody after 41 years.
    Also, Malcolm writes the majority of the songs, without Malcolm, you probably wouldn't have AC/DC to begin with. It makes sense to quit if he has health issues.
    "Mark Evans, the son of band's original singer Dave Evans"
    True, but I feel there's a difference in situations, from what I know the band didn't get along with Dave Evans. If what is being said about Malcolm is true, it's a bit different that changing out the band's frontman before they really became known.
    What the other guys have said, also, it's a different situation. Back then, AC/DC were reaching the peak of their fame, Bon Scott's parents were even the ones who encouraged them to keep going onwards.
    Are you f*cking serious? This is terrible! I'm lost for words, damn.. all I can say is I hope he recovers and gets himself back together. Up until now I always had the impression that AC/DC (with the exception of Bon Scott, R.I.P) were completely invincible and would truly go on forever.
    Completely agreed on all points. That said, I'm hoping that these are all just rumors....
    It's sad, but they got to play music for a living and made millions (maybe even billions) of people happy...I still remember the day I saw them in '78 at the Oakland Coliseum... Malcolm, I salute you!
    Malcolm is to ACDC just as James is to Metallica, or Dave to Megadeth, or Kurt to Nirvana. Some bands just can't and shouldn't go on without certain members. Sad, sad day.
    I feel the same way about Alice in Chains. Not that they aren't making good music today, Its just I think they should have changed the name, Its just not the same without Layne.
    To be honest, I'm gonna call BS on this until Malcolm comes out and says it himself. The only person who's breaking the news is a guy the band doesn't even talk to any more. Wouldn't it make more sense for band themselves to announce something this big? I dunno, I'm just having a hard time believing this.
    Pablo Mortis
    Be fair though - whenever Brian Johnson's said anything about a new record, he's always mentioned how it's been delayed this long because of health issues. I do see where you're coming from though, and I'll also be remaining firmly on the fence until something official comes out.
    Yeah, I'm not saying that it's not true, I don't know that it is or isn't, but I have my doubts. All I'm saying is it's weird that this random guy is announcing the end of one of the world's biggest rock bands and not the band themselves. I'm not real sure what the downvotes are for, I'm just stating my opinion. Until the official statement they mentioned comes out, if it does, I'm going to be sort of sceptical about this.
    They have made a lifetime full of awesome classic hard rock music. What a great band. Wish Malcolm all the best with his health.
    I never got to see them live and if this is true, it'll be one of my biggest regrets. But all I hope is for Malcolm to be ok.
    Wow, AC/DC are beyond rock and roll legends. I hope Malcolm recovers as much as possible.
    Let's wait for an official statement from the band. All that "we're done" can be bullshit.
    I was just listening to for those about to rock the other day and thinking the end of that song is freaking awesome. I remember when I seen them live a few years back and they played that song the canons at the end were super loud I was blown away lol What an awesome night one of the best concerts of my life! I hope he will be fine.
    Damn. As a young guitar player, learning ACDC riffs gave me such a feeling of accomplishment. I really hope this is not true. But didnt Ace frehley forget how to play after a car accident or something? and now hes playing and making songs.
    Indeed, Dave Mustaine also once had to re-train his left hand to play. If Malcolm Young makes a full recovery, we can still hope he'll pick it up again.
    Without Malcolm, there is no AC/DC. Without AC/DC, I wouldn't be the guitar player that I am today, the music fan that I am today, or wholly the person that I am today. I will always love AC/DC through to my core.