AC/DC Resist 3D Fad

AC/DC have released concert Blu-ray/DVD "AC/DC Live At River Plate". While the film was shot on 32 HD cameras, the band resisted the urge to shoot in 3D.

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Brian Johnson recalls the shows AC/DC played in December of 2009 in Argentina, which are featured in the newly released Blu-ray/DVD, "AC/DC Live At River Plate". According to the 63-year-old singer, the fans for all three performances were unbelievableeven outside the venue.

"From leaving the hotel, the streets were lined all the way to the gig, three or four deep with kids and you knew there was something special going on in the air. You could almost feel it", Johnson told the Associated Press. "The atmosphere was unbelievable. It is quite an imposing stadium. They were as one, just jumping up and down to the music. And it's a sight I'll never forget as long as I live. All audiences really rockbut all together? I've never seen that. They just seemed so happy to see us. I remember the smilesthousands and thousands."

While the film was shot on 32 HD cameras, the band resisted the urge to shoot in 3D, as has become fashionable these days with the likes of U2 and Justin Bieber.

"Who wants to see my nose in 3D?" Johnson joked. "They'll be running out the cinema."

"Turning to other topics, Johnson weighed in on American Idol-style programs, not surprisingly taking the position that such shows aren't good for young artists' long-term careers."

"There's only one way to do it", he opined. "You get on the stage, you learn your trade and you get out and play in front of people. You serve your apprenticeship just like anybody else. The shortcut ways lead to tears at the end of the day. It's all hype. And it's not fair on the kids to make them famous one week and then nobodies the next. It's just not right."

As for his own lot, Johnson is still thrilled to be fronting the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer outfit in, now, his 31st year with the band.

"I cannot think of anything as exciting. I can't think of anything more that makes you feel more alive than that. It really does. You know you're alive when you're up there. Anything else would be second rate."

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    That's the problem with pop, it's an ever changing genre where "what's popular" is probably different within months. AC/DC on the other hand...
    AC/DC. I love how down to Earth these guys are about preserving what music should be about. Screw all the new technologies like 3D and the talent shows. We'll just play and release it.
    I know it's somewhat a paradox, but it's refreshing to see that someone sticks to their stuff and doesn't just follow trends like a brainless zombie.
    I seem to be the last person who doesn't mind things in 3D. Not that I'm saddened by AC/DC not shooting things in 3D, I simply feel that three-dimensional viewing gets a bad rap.