AC/DC to Tour This Year According to Brian Johnson

"We hope to bring you more shows in the near future," says frontman.

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AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has revealed that the band is planning to return to touring before the year is out.

As Classic Rock reports, Johnson dropped the news in a brief statement relating to "Cars That Rock," a new motoring television programme which the singer is hosting:

"'Cars That Rock' was my first ever go at presenting a TV series - and even though it may not show, I was real nervous. So am very relieved that you all seem to be enjoying it.

"We hope to bring you more shows in the near future but, of course, there is the slight distraction of my day job with AC/DC - and it looks very likely that we will be on the road again before the end of the year.

"So stand by for more music - and more 'Cars That Rock.'"

AC/DC are currently working on a new album without mainman Malcolm Young. The guitarist is "taking a break" because of health issues.

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    Grab a ticket as soon as you can, for anywhere you can get to...I'm sure these guys are on most peoples bucket list if they haven't seen them already. Hopefully there may be chances in the future, but you never know
    Awesome! But now I wonder who will play instead of Malcolm on an eventual tour.
    I've heard rumours that it would be his son, not too unlike Jason Bonham replacing John Bonham in Led Zeppelin, I like the idea!
    Thay can replace malcolm on tour but to give justice they should hire a popular guitar player. On my list are davemustaine, scott ian,
    You want to replace Malcolm Young in AC/DC? You thing there´s a replacement for him? For Pete Townshend? For James Hetfield? Only fools believe it´s possible - there´s no AC/DC without Malcolm.
    Mustaine is too tall. Scott could be the man. I'd imagine that Brian means that Mal will be present, tho. \m/