AC/DC Will Top Black Ice World Tour

Angus Young and Brian Johnson of AC/DC discuss the band's music, upcoming live DVD, and future tour.

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Ever since they got their start in the 1970's, hard rock group AC/DC has shown no signs of slowing down. In a recent interview with London's The Sun, the rock legends talked about their music, upcoming live DVD, and future tour plans.

The band's guitarist, Angus Young, feels that AC/DC's "Black Ice" album was a success and a testament to the band's endurance:

"We have such diehard fans, old and new. We've survived many changing fashions of music. We've outlived the lot of them."

This week the group will be releasing a new live DVD, "Live At River Plate", which contains footage from three concerts from their extensive Black Ice World Tour. Frontman Brian Johnson had the following to say about the DVD:

"I f--king love this film. It was like I'd never seen our show before. I've seen other films [of AC/DC in concert], but not one as good as this."

The Black Ice World Tour AC/DC recently completed spanned over twenty months, covered twenty-eight countries, and had the band perform to over five million people. While not an easy feat to top, Angus Young suggests that the band is planning their next tour and will make sure it surpasses their last one:

"We're thinking, 'How can we ever better the Black Ice world tour?' But we will."

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    As much as I love AC/DC, please stop pasting same articles over and over again.
    Holland, and ill be there. AC/DC will go on for like 10 years, and then Airbourne will keep their legacy alive.
    AC/DC, here are 4 tips to making your concert better.... 1. Play more than just 18-19 songs every night 2. Play some surprise songs rather than just the standard set everyone expects to hear 3. Do away with the strip tease (I think most people just pretend to like it) 4. Do away with The Jack (boring song) Also, if you want to lower the ticket prices, that would be good too. I don't think the upper sections are worth $100 per ticket. Anyway, take these steps and you'll have the best concert in the world.