Ace Frehley: I'm Brainier Than Paul Stanley

artist: Ace Frehley date: 04/02/2012 category: general music news

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Ace Frehley: I'm Brainier Than Paul Stanley
Ex-KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has revealed he has a bigger IQ than his old bandmate Paul Stanley. "A frontman [like Stanley] doesn't have to be a genius," quipped the Spaceman, "he just has to have the right moves." Speaking in the new issue of Classic Rock, Frehley said he has an IQ of 163, which equates to "very superior intelligence". "You might ask why I've done so many stupid things," he laughed. "That's where addiction comes in. Kiss once took an IQ test, and I was on top. I guess my brain was working good that morning thank God for good genes. "I think Paul got the lowest score. No, that didn't surprise me. A frontman doesn't have to be a genius, he just has to have the right moves. "But with an IQ test, there are people who are brilliant that would probably do real shitty on them. I mean, Gene [Simmons] has the best business brain, absolutely. I don't consider myself a very good businessman. When I start doing numbers I get a headache. I'm ruled by the creative side of my brain, not the analytical side." Frehley also said he empathised with Mayan predictions that the world will end in 2012. "There's all sorts of things going on. The sun has an 11-year cycle and it's coming towards an end, so they're expecting more sun-spot activity, solar winds and solar flares that could affect computers and power grids. Some planets are aligning, from what I understand, so that could cause an earthquake and severe weather. So a lot of crazy of things could happen. "It doesn't scare me. If I died tomorrow I'd die happy, because I've lived 10 lifetimes over what a regular person might have experienced." Thanks for the report to
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