Ace Frehley on KISS: 'We Don't Hate Each Other, We're Brothers in Rock'

"It felt like I had just left those guys the other day," the guitarist adds.

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Following last Friday's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley shared a few lighthearted remarks, noting that despite the feuds, he still considers his ex-bandmates "brothers in rock."

"It felt like I just saw those guys yesterday," Ace told Rolling Stone. "We're brothers in rock & roll. The press seems to amplify the fact that we hate each other, and we really don't. We've had our differences over the years, but every rock & roll band does. Tonight, it felt like I had just left those guys the other day, and they were very gracious considering what we've been creating over the last 40 years."

Asked about his feelings on finally reaching the Rock Hall, Frehley added, "It felt great, you know? Look at the company I'm with. The room is full of celebrities and rock stars. It's like another milestone in my career. But the body of work that I've created over the years has stood the test of time. It's a very special time for me."

Noting that KISS will "probably go down in history as the greatest theatrical rock group in the world," the guitarist concluded that the band's output has clearly made a permanent mark in rock history.

"We created something that no one can take away from any of us, and it withstood the test of time," he said.

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    Ace Frehley: "We don't hate each other" Gene Simmons: "Ace and Peter were just a cancer on the band!" Are you completely sure of that, Ace?
    You can recognize that someone's habits are bad for the band without hating them. That being said, Ace is a cool ass dude and Gene can suck it.
    While I do agree with that and in some way see Gene's point on the matter, it's not exactly the nicest thing to call someone. Besides, my comment was only in ironic jest.
    Spoken like a true bandmate. I hate you yesterday, I love you today, let's see what happens tomorrow.