Ace Frehley Says Kiss Will 'Look Foolish When My New Record Comes Out'

"It's there, it's history," says ex-KISS axeman.

Ultimate Guitar

While Ace Frehley has never shied away from discussing his struggles with addiction during his days with KISS, he believes it never affected his abilities as badly as his former band mates have claimed. In a new interview, he says that it's all part of a smear campaign and that his forthcoming album, "Space Invader," will vindicate him.

"In concert, I always delivered," he told Wenn (via Ultimate Classic Rock). "And 95 per cent of the time I delivered on record. It's there, it's history. All they're trying to do is discredit me, so it validates the new line-up. They'll look foolish when my new album comes out."

Frehley also suggested that the whole controversy at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley refusing to perform with Ace and Peter Criss, was due to a case of the the other two being "afraid of history repeating itself."

"When me and Peter performed with them on the 'MTV Unplugged' sessions in 1995," he continued. "The place went completely crazy and they had to scrap their album that they had just recorded with Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer and they had to do a reunion tour. They're on tour right now with Tommy [Thayer] and Eric and they didn't want anything to overshadow that. They were afraid that everyone was gonna demand a reunion again if we played."

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    Implying Kiss don't look foolish already
    Rebel Scum
    Well it wouldn't be the first time. His Kiss solo record released at the same time as the others was the better album.
    Definitely the best of the four, for me. "What's on Your Mind?" and "Fractured Mirror" were great original songs of his on that album.
    Ace is just as foolish for even caring what they think. Just release your music and get on with your life brother. It's not like you're in the poor house and bankrupt or anything because of Gene and Paul...sheesh.
    Did anyone read the interview with Ace in this months Guitar World? he said that it was his idea for Paul Stanley to use the star over his eye and that originally Paul just had a plain circle around his eye. Ace said he looked like the dog from the "Little Rascals". lol!
    Apparently Paul Stanley didn't want to wait for your album to come out, Ace - seems he's doing a good job of looking foolish on his own...
    Ace has always been, and will always be my favorite member of KISS. That said, his solo output has in no way matched KISS output since he left/got fired. From what I've heard of his new solo stuff though, it does blow away KISS' most recent efforts.
    you already look foolish, since you still paying attention to those old dudes in costumes and high heels. LAME
    A friend pointed out to me that if KISS is promoting the current line up as their best line up ever, then why does the current set list not include any song from their last two releases? That says it all in my opinion.
    Every band promotes their current line up as their best line up, it's not just kiss. And up to their tour with Def Leppard they were playing songs from their last two albums.
    "...They'll look foolish when my new album comes out." No, Ace, they won't. Because no one will care.
    Look Ace or Paul his real name, has always had the 2nd best solo album amoung band members but those Frehley Comet songs like his vocals were the worst.
    They are all so washed up and irrelevant. They were a gimmick band back then; now they're just desperate attention seekers. Oh wait, same thing.
    Being resentful is as effective as drinking poison, hoping that your enemies die. I wish Ace would put out a great so the fans enjoy it, and not give a damn what Paul or Gene think! Move on Ace. You only hurt yourself by being bitter.
    They don't need your help looking foolish, Ace. I think they're more than capable of looking foolish by themselves. Seriously though, Ace needs to lighten up and put it behind him. Getting kicked out of a band of has-beens to get a successful solo career doesn't sound that bad to me.