Activision Shelve Guitar Hero, For Now

artist: Guitar Hero date: 07/01/2011 category: music news
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Activision have said that they won't make another "Guitar Hero" until they are capable of delivering a "high level of innovation" to the game. This comes as something approaching good news for fans of the interactive music game, who had previously presumed the franchise to be dead. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick told The Guardian: "I think we've always said, if we don't think we can deliver great gameplay and innovative experiences, we won't necessarily put a product out." "With 'Guitar Hero' we didn't think the products that we could put out this year or next year would be right for delivering innovation to your audience - we felt that taking time to innovate was the right thing for the franchise." He conitnued: "Until we can deliver a really high level of innovation and tap into the high level of creativity and inspiration of the people we have making games, we won't put the products out." "That goes for everything - we've always subscribed to that philosophy." "Guitar Hero 5", Activision's last game, was released in 2009, to widespread praise. Thanks for the report to
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