Adam Lambert Denies Queen Rumors

Adam Lamber has taken to Twitter, claiming that his comments regarding his involvement with the Queen were taken "out of context".

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While music journalism has been awash with rumours in the past week that "American Idol" contestant Adam Lambert might be replacing the late Freddie Mercury in rock legends Queen, the singer has taken to Twitter, claiming that his comments regarding his involvement with the band were taken "out of context". According to Blabbermouth, the U.K based Daily Star newspaper published the following comments from the vocalist, apparently with regard to a planned Queen tour this summer:

"The intention is to pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some fucking great songs. It's to keep the music alive for the fans and give it an energy that Freddie would have been proud of... After the EMAs, I heard faint little slithers of backlash from people saying, 'You can't replace Freddie Mercury.' But I already knew that. There's no intention in my mind of replacing Freddie. That's impossible. The way I'm choosing to view it is that it's a great honor and one I'm in no way going to shirk."

However, Lambert has clarified via his official Twitter page that the comments were taken out of context, referring not to a tour but to his performance with Roger Taylor and Brian May at the MTV European Music Awards last November:

"Them clever reporters taking my quotes outta context... I haven't confirmed any guest appearances. I was talking about the EMAs... That being said, I'm truly flattered by your jump to such glorious conclusions."

Although it looks like a tour is out of the question, drummer Roger Taylor stated in an interview with Billboard last year that he and Brian May would be keen on working with Lambert again:

"[Lambert] has grown into a really great performer with an astonishing voice with a range that's great. We would like to work with him again. There's nothing signed just yet but we're talking about live dates. It could be very exciting."

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    that would be interesting to watch. He has a good vocal range, I just think all his songs are garbage
    As soon as I saw the title of the article, first thought that popped into my mind was "Thank ****."
    Lambert should get the gig. I suspect he's only downplaying this because he has an album set for release on the 20th of March. Taylor's quote "...there's nothing signed just yet" and Lambert's quote from another article "....there's more stuff coming up this year...That's all I can say for right now" Tour, gentlemen, and bring Guy Pratt with you to play bass. LOL at haters who would rather see this NOT happen.
    He has a fantastic voice and is an incredibly talented performer. Fact. Sadly most people on here will not look past their hate for pop music and have an open mind.
    AlteredMaggot18 wrote: Thank God he woulda ****ed the legacy up.
    They don't need his help. They've been fcking up their legacy all by themselves.
    Yeah, just like System Of A Down weren't getting back together or just like Slipknot never playing a live show again. It may be straight from the horse's mouth but the horse can lie.