Adele: '21' Drops Out Of Us Top 10 For First Time Since Release

Adele's "21" has dropped out of the US top 10 album chart for the first time since it was released 18 months ago.

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Adele's "21" has dropped out of the US top 10 album chart for the first time since it was released 18 months ago.

The UK singer's second album fell from number 8 last week to number 12 in this week's countdown after selling another 24,000 copies.

"21" was first released in the US in March 2011 and spent 78 consecutive weeks in the top 10 before falling this week.

The album is now tied with Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and Def Leppard's "Hysteria" for the third-longest run in the top 10 since 1963.

The two albums with the longest runs in the US top 10 are Bruce Springsteen's "Born In The U.S.A." (84 weeks) and "The Sound Of Music" soundtrack (109 weeks).

Earlier this month digital album sales passed the 100 million mark, with Adele and Ed Sheeran two of the major UK stars helping to reach this milestone.

"21" has now sold around 10 million albums worldwide, smashing a slew of sales records along the way.

However, after the her Olympics performance produced a sales boost, Emeli Sande's album "Our Version Of Events" could be on course to overtake Adele's "21" as the biggest selling album of 2012.

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    I don't find her music fantastic to be honest, but at least I can listen to it without wanting to start a killing spree. The fact that she can actually sing without an autotune probably helps.
    I don't know, that "Rolling in the Deep" song has got some pretty sweet vintage-soul vibes. We like to launch into the chorus right in the middle of the "Stairway" solo. Makes a killer and unexpected jam.
    I never understood why people liked it so much(I know that probably says more about me than the music but it's just not for me) and no I'm not hating, it's just that I never got it
    She is good. Admit it. It is her or everything else. Katy Perry, rhianna, Beyonce, Bieber. At least she is real. Not like the fake garbage put there. Her next album will be sappy I expect as she is pregnant or just had a kid. I am a fan. Would I see her in concert. No. But she is good.
    Great... I am sure she is creating a whole new album consisting of EVERY song about the fat whale breaking up with her boyfriend again. It will also feature her awful intonation again as well.
    correction 10 million sold in America, its like 23 million worldwide, dont hate, at least she doesnt autotune and has a great voice