Adele Suggests That New Album, '25,' Will Be Released Later This Year

artist: Adele date: 05/06/2014 category: general music news

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Adele Suggests That New Album, '25,' Will Be Released Later This Year
Adele has celebrated her birthday this week by posting a tweet that seems to hint her new album will be released later this year - and that it will be called "25."

The singer turns 26 today (5 May) and took to Twitter last night to post a picture of herself with the caption "Bye bye 25 ... See you again later in the year x." Unless she's let slip a secret ability to time travel, this seems to suggest a new album is on its way.

Adele's previous two albums, "19" and "21," were named after the age she was when they were written - so it seems likely that her third offering will be named "25."

The singer rose to fame in the UK six years ago, when she was awarded both the Brit Awards Critics' Choice award and the BBC Sound of 2008.

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