Adler Has His Revenge On GN'R?

Drummer talks new band.

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Steven Adler has recently been talking with Legendary Rock Interviews about his new band's album "Back From The Dead".

The drummer feels like he has had the revenge he needs to take on his troubled past: "That is my revenge. The only revenge I wanted on that whole situation was success. I didn't want vengeance I didn't want to hurt anybody but I wanted to make a great record because, I think success is the greatest revenge."

The drummer also notes that his new band Adler will be happy to play some Gn'R numbers alongside their own songs:

"I'm proud of those songs," he says. "We'll always play a couple because Guns was a chapter of my life."

He also believes the current Gn'R lineup led by Axl Rose could never have made their classic album Appetite For Destruction. Everybody Ive worked with before were all great musicians but this is the perfect set of ingredients.

"It's kind of like what I experienced with Guns and Roses. The guys who are in Guns and Roses now couldn't make an album like Appetite For Destruction. That's not a slam on them for some reason the five of us was just some weird mix of ingredients that was able to do that at that time, at that moment."

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    Steven, the day you stop talking about Guns will be the day you have your revenge.
    Sheep Shagger
    The day interviewers stop asking him about Gn'R will be the day he stops talking about them.
    Come on!! He's the only one who never "tires" of talking about Gn'R. Watch the other guys when GNR is mentioned, first they take a deep breath and go through the motions reluctantly. Adler will bring it up without being asked.
    Seriously Adler, you're like a clingy ex girlfriend. Let it go.
    Yes, because it's his fault journalists can't be bothered to ask him about anything else. He needs to ban GNR questions like Slash did
    like slash did for a week or so before answering the GnR question the 1rst journalist asked him something about it you mean? great example man.
    Come on man, Slash is a nice guy by all accounts except Axl's. Give him a break. He was probably just trying not to embarrass the guy.
    All GnR jokes aside, Back From The Dead has some really cool stuff in it, I was really pleasantly surprised given Adler's post-GnR condition. It's the kind of album a stripper would dance to on stage. I like that.
    I think a lot of people on here and the music community in general need to cut Steven some slack. He's the nicest guy you could ever meet, and unlike so many current or former rockstars, he DOES give a shit about his fans, which i grant are not many, but he cares. He's always got a ****in huge smile on his face and his enthusiasm for music, for playing the drums, is unbelievable. As a drummer, obviously apart from his drug issues, he's my idol. He's got so much ****in groove and thats something A LOT of drummers are lacking these days. Give the guy some credit. He cleaned up for good in 2010, wrote a book (yes, I have read it), and he's making music again. Pretty decent music, too. Yes, the guy had issues, and yeah he was a douche for letting drugs ruin the better part of his adult life, but he is still an incredible musician. Before you all say "Matt Sorum is better blah blah blah" or "Steven Adler is shit" blah blah blah, stop and think, did you write the drum parts for Appetite? Would it have been the same, without him? Answer to both is no. STFU.
    Adler technically has the right philosophy here. The best way to stop feeling bad about something is to have a good life despite (or because of) it.
    Misleading headline once again... he states that he only wants revenge on his life situation of the time when he was in Guns, not on the band itself. Stop trying to stir up drama, UG.
    GnR = Adlers punchy drums, Slash's Aerosmith worship, Duff's punk, Axl's darkness, and MOST importantly, Izzy's rock sensibilities.
    Steven Adler aside the album "Back From The Dead" is actually really really good if u give it a chance... So are the Adler's Appetite songs; Cindy, Alive, Stardog and Fading among others
    It wouldn't be hard for him to top "Chinese Democracy"...what a waste of tape and plastic that was...
    Jesus, this happened in the 80's... I can't believe he's still going on about this. Move on!
    How is the album really selling? Not slamming the record just haven't heard about it anywhere but on his own website
    He maybe hasnt been given the budget by the label to do a lot of promotion as he's not sufficiently well known among the general public, however he's probably able to easily get the attention of Guns N Roses fans and rock fans in general fairly easily as in rock circles at least, he is well known. I dont think you're gonna see billboards or adverts with it on, but i bet his social media accounts will have it on.
    A lot of credibility afforded to a guy who blamed his band for "making him" do heroin, and has had a cocaine-related stroke-probably his mom's fault, too.
    SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM SLAM. On a real note, Guns N Roses cease to be relevant until they either make a new album or reunite for a tour. The rest...slamslamslam.
    Steven Adler is a ****ing superstar who has achieved more in music than anyone on this pissweak forum so go back to your pathetic little lives and imagine Steven kicking back in his million dollar home(That he earn't I might add) while mummy tucks you in at night.....nite nite ladyboys!