Adler Has His Revenge On GN'R?

artist: GNR date: 01/31/2013 category: music news
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Adler Has His Revenge On GN'R?
Steven Adler has recently been talking with Legendary Rock Interviews about his new band's album "Back From The Dead". The drummer feels like he has had the revenge he needs to take on his troubled past: "That is my revenge. The only revenge I wanted on that whole situation was success. I didn't want vengeance I didn't want to hurt anybody but I wanted to make a great record because, I think success is the greatest revenge." The drummer also notes that his new band Adler will be happy to play some Gn'R numbers alongside their own songs: "I'm proud of those songs," he says. "We'll always play a couple because Guns was a chapter of my life." He also believes the current Gn'R lineup led by Axl Rose could never have made their classic album Appetite For Destruction. Everybody Ive worked with before were all great musicians but this is the perfect set of ingredients. "It's kind of like what I experienced with Guns and Roses. The guys who are in Guns and Roses now couldn't make an album like Appetite For Destruction. That's not a slam on them for some reason the five of us was just some weird mix of ingredients that was able to do that at that time, at that moment."
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