Adler Would Punch Axl In The Face For Late Start GN'R Reunion Gig

artist: Steven Adler date: 08/23/2011 category: music news

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Adler Would Punch Axl In The Face For Late Start GN'R Reunion Gig
Steven Adler's public campaign to reunite the "Appetite For Destruction"-era Guns N' Roses line-up has continued with the drummer once again beating his drum to insist the band could rake in more cash than any other tour in history. And he jokes he'd make sure singer Axl Rose infamous for no shows and late starts turned up on time by punching him in the face... or maybe not as he quickly back tracked. Adler told "We have an opportunity that everybody in the world wishes they could have." "Whatever U2 did on their tour recently, if we did a GNR reunion, we would double that! And we owe it to the fans! We haven't performed with each other in 20 f--king years, and the fans still have our backs." "I'd punch him (Axl) in the face. Oh God - not the face, not the face! I'd punch him in the kidney! Or I would give him a severe reprimand. Or I would go out there and pick somebody out of the audience to sing for him. There are many options. I just want to do it!" Thanks for the report to
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