Adler Would Punch Axl In The Face For Late Start GN'R Reunion Gig

Ex Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler calls (again) for reunion and says they would double the money made by U2.

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Steven Adler's public campaign to reunite the "Appetite For Destruction"-era Guns N' Roses line-up has continued with the drummer once again beating his drum to insist the band could rake in more cash than any other tour in history.

And he jokes he'd make sure singer Axl Rose infamous for no shows and late starts turned up on time by punching him in the face... or maybe not as he quickly back tracked.

Adler told "We have an opportunity that everybody in the world wishes they could have."

"Whatever U2 did on their tour recently, if we did a GNR reunion, we would double that! And we owe it to the fans! We haven't performed with each other in 20 f--king years, and the fans still have our backs."

"I'd punch him (Axl) in the face. Oh God - not the face, not the face! I'd punch him in the kidney! Or I would give him a severe reprimand. Or I would go out there and pick somebody out of the audience to sing for him. There are many options. I just want to do it!"

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    "I'd punch him (Axl) in the face.
    Axl would open up a can of whoopass on this guy, but first he would warm up on a few audience members. I've been listening to GnR since early 1988, but I wish they would just drop the subject of a reunion.
    Adler is like a chump guy who somehow managed to score with a really hot chick. A girl waaaaay out of his league. And since she dumped his sorry, drug ravaged ass he's been sleeping with fatties and the dregs of society ever since. Little wonder then, that he is still trying to rekindle that relationship 20 years on...
    GaryBillington wrote: I'd like to see it, but the only reason Adler is so keen to make it happen is because he's the only one from the original line up that hasn't done anything since.
    what about adlers appetite?
    yeah we want the real original gnr line up again PLEASE!!!!! the worlds full of crap songs now days please adler do whatever u can we want the real grn back. go get slash, izzy go get them all PLEASE!!!!! :'(
    GN'R right now is a totally different band now. Chinese Democracy was a metiocre album, though they spent a whole decade on it. Can't Axl just be mature and a better frontman? Showing up late to a show is just lame, especially when you don't have a valid reason. We feel for ya Steven!
    Lets be honest he has a point, Axl may be bale to pull this late shit now that he own his part of GN'R, but if he shows up late to the reunion for RN'R hall of fame or other reunion shows he's in for it. Even though it probably wouldn't be Steven kicking the shit out of him, cause he's all stroke and shit
    Stikit2duhman wrote: if ever this is actually happening, they're picking matt sorum, i think.
    hahaha what a slap in the face that would be
    Root Beer
    shreducator wrote: I'd punch Axl in the face.
    That makes two of us. I'd like to punch him in the face for many reasons.
    I really can't help feeling sorry for the guy. He just keeps on holding on to Appetite. Just let it go already.
    Is this guy currently working on something? Is he having some financial problems? Does he desperately need money? These are the first things that arise when I read his declarations.
    Wait 15 years..if Axl Rose can get Chinese Democracy done after 15 years..this could actually happen. But tbh Steven, GNR doesn't need you to be good again
    I'd rather see Slash compose one more song for Phineas & Ferb than having to put up with seeing him onstage with an a**hole like Rose.
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    Rain_In_Blood wrote: Pink Floyd reunion > Led Zeppelin reunion > NSYNC reunion > Gn'R reunion
    lol this guy knows what he's talking about.
    Root Beer
    institutions wrote: Pink Floyd reunion > GnR reunion. If only Wright was still alive :/
    I don't know, this continued talk of a desire for an "Appetite" era reunion sounds a lot like the Zeppelin rumor mill from a couple years back--a nice thought but highly unlikely. Now I don't deny my dislike for Axl but admit that it would be interesting to see this happen. Sadly, my hopes do not linger for this, Slash and Axl just simply don't seem interested in even trying to mend fences (though I can't say I'm too surprised, but that's another story.)
    slaveskinJACKET wrote: Rain_In_Blood wrote: Pink Floyd reunion > Led Zeppelin reunion > NSYNC reunion > Gn'R reunion Hmm. I don't agree with your order, but I'd like to add that every single one of those would be more entertaining than a Slayer concert. ...and all but N*SYNC would be better than Slipknot. Scourge441 wrote: I dislike everything that Axl Rose's voice has ever touched. Sucks for you.
    ...Have you ever been to a Slayer concert? Easily the best show I've ever seen. But they were majorly on top of their game, Tom hit the Angel of Death scream on a higher note than the recording. And I could honestly care less if GnR reunited. It really does not need to happen, keep it sacred and for those who got a chance to see them back in the 80's/90's. I'm more interested in what Slash is doing now anyways.
    I though at first it was one of the LAmb of God dudes. But I guess both of them would do that too of course.
    I get the impression that Adlers just a washed up prick who still hasn't got over being kicked outta the band. All these articles are just him desperately trying to relive the good ol' days...
    865424585 wrote: Rain_In_Blood wrote: Pink Floyd reunion > Led Zeppelin reunion > NSYNC reunion > Gn'R reunion hahahaha
    Rain_In_Blood wrote: Pink Floyd reunion > Led Zeppelin reunion > NSYNC reunion > Gn'R reunion
    the problem is he would spend all his cash on drugs and that would be a bad thing for steven.
    The first thing came out in my mind after reading the heading was Chris Adler giving a fist on Axl's pretty face!
    Adler is the only person still going on about this. Funny thing is if they ever did a GNR reunion I suspect it would be with Matt Sorum.
    From what I've heard/read, I'm pretty sure everyone who's worked with Axl Rose wants to punch him in the face.
    whoomit wrote: blankoff wrote: At fist i thought it was Will Adler from Lamb Of God haha.I thought it was Chris Adler from Lamb of God
    I hope someone from Lamb of God reads this article's comments, and then one of them randomly shows up at a show Axl does, and then punches him in the face. Just so the joke becomes a true story. I'd buy all of their albums three times over to read that.
    To me a GnR reunion is kind of like your favorite toy when you were a little kid - always remember it as being a lot cooler than it really was. If GnR hadn't broken up the way they did... would their next dozen albums have been earth-shattering? Doubt it.
    Rain_In_Blood wrote: Pink Floyd reunion > Led Zeppelin reunion > NSYNC reunion > Gn'R reunion
    File this one under HELL YES.
    Soadfan8 wrote: Rain_In_Blood wrote: Pink Floyd reunion > Led Zeppelin reunion > NSYNC reunion > Gn'R reunion hahahaha!
    Haha yes!
    Seems like he has a lot of wants... 1) money 2) punching axl 3) touring with band Still I can't say it wouldn't be cool
    Stikit2duhman wrote: if ever this is actually happening, they're picking matt sorum, i think.
    Slash said he wouldn't do it if they picked Matt. He said the only way he is doing a Guns N' Roses reunion is if Steven is playing drums. And I completly agree with him. It wouldn't be a GN'R reunion without Steven. When Matt came in to GN'R, that was when GN'R started to turn into the Axl Rose And The Sunshine Gang band. And to be quite honest the only good songs on the Use Your Illusion albums were ones writen before Appetite was released. People say Slash makes Guns N' Roses, Axl makes Guns N' Roses blah blah blah. There wrong. They need all five of them for it to be any good. Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven.
    Rain_In_Blood wrote: Pink Floyd reunion > Led Zeppelin reunion > NSYNC reunion > Gn'R reunion
    I genuinely think Adler isn't all bout the money. I'd LOVE to see GNR original, but tbh I'd LOVE to see the 'Democracy' GNR. It's not gonna happen; as much as I think Axl is among the greatest rockstars ever to have lived, and as much as I think the guy is absolutely awesome, and as much as I think he can still produce brilliant material, he's far too far up his own ass to do it.
    Christmas Guy
    G'n'R doesn't need Adler to make the band good again. However, if you got Slash to come back putting all the differences aside, and Axl could stop being so controlling, they would be on top of the rock world again.
    I would rather see the original lineup with Matt Sorum instead of this guy. Appetite's drumming was nothing special really. Even so, there is nothing economically stable about a GNR reunion. You will have old listeners going to the tours, but probably won't buy new material if they update their sound. If they don't update their sound, most people won't give a shit. These guys have to much pride to risk lukewarm album sales or do nothing but touring old material. Slash has the best business model right now, the others should take note instead of squandering their Appetite royalties and producing nothing.
    So he would be doing it for the money and he would punch axl in the face (or kidney)if he was late! Don't expect a reunion!