Aerosmith and Slash Confirm US Tour

Rock legends to hit the road this summer.

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Aerosmith and Slash have confirmed that they will be touring across the US together this summer.

As HenneMusic notes, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry posted the news across his social media sites on Friday evening:

"It's official- we just talked, AEROSMITH/SLASH USA tour confirmed! Tickets on sale next few wks Soon as dates confirmed. LET ROCK RULE!"

Slash followed Perry's announcement with the following message:

"Great news! We'll be touring the US with @Aerosmith this summer!" Stay tuned for dates. Its going to be a killer tour! R n Fn' R! Iiii]; )'"

Slash is currently working on his third solo album alongside Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Speaking about his relationship with the band recently, the guitarist noted

"As much as I sort of lead this project, it's rooted in musical and personal camaraderie with these guys. We've really established an organic chemistry. So this record is far and above what we did on the last record."

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    First the Kiss and Def Leppard tour and now this? Ahhh why do us in the UK always miss out...
    That's going to be one epic tour. For the love of god please come to east coast Canada.
    Imagine if Aerosmith and Slash did album together and they could bring some old school kick ass rock n roll. Id like that idea alot.
    that would be epic. Brad Whitford, Slash, Joe Perry. HELL YEA. That album would be one legendary riff machine.
    The on-stage collaborations are going to be ridiculous. Imagine being Slash and just going on tour with your heroes. I can't think of anyone better for Aerosmith to tour with. Bet he never thought this was possible when he first heard "Rocks" at that girl's apartment...
    I love when folks from other countries want acts to come do a concert, "please Aerosmith and Slash, come to my desolate town in Kazakhstan". They don't want to do that.
    More like.. "Please play Kazakhstan!! Why are you not in Guns N Roses, WE NEED YOU BACK, Please go back to Guns N Roses! !! ??! "
    well it's not completely unreasonable to want an artist to come to your country/state/town/etc. especially if it's one where most artists don't frequently perform. I do find it funny when they expect the artist to perform in a town that doesn't even have 2000 people though.
    Yeah but yelling it at them from a comments section is just stupid. I'm sure Slash is fully aware Brazil exists, he's played there before and his albums sell there. It's up to management to decide where it will be practical to go and when.
    Its usually people getting the top comment on a band's FB page saying "COME TO BRAZIL!!!!!" It kinda bothers me how people think they can change a band's touring schedule with their pitiful requests.
    I'd rather see Myles Kennedy touring with Alter Bridge this summer. That band is held back by the amount of side stuff going on in it, i.e. Slash needing Myles alllll the time. I love the albums they put out, I'd just rather see him doing more alter bridge.
    Joint tours seem to be more popular these days. Makes me wonder, are big artists scared to tour alone anymore, fearing low ticket sales? Think about it...
    SRSLY? ONLY US? Why no world tour ??!! LIKE WTFF ??!??!???!??!??!??!??!
    100000 times better than Slash touring with Bush last summer. I've never seen a band be able to piss every last penny out of their fans with one hit they wrote in the 90's(Margerine). And Slash please come back to Toronto we may have a crack smoking mayor but hey! that just means you don't have to look very hard if you are ever considering going back over to the dark side.....yowza
    Ive got a Ticket for the Aerosmith Concert in Dortmund Germany! Would be cool if slash opens for them there aswee, but its just for the US dates and alterbridge is still touring in June.. so that wont happen! but it would be ****ing awesome! One week later I see Black Sabbath with Soundgarden, Black Label Society and Alice in Chains! Summer 2014? I`m ready to **** n roll!!