Aerosmith 'Barely Talking To Each Other'

A tipster says the band are disappointed with poor album sales and not selling out any dates on their tour. But is it just an attempt to damage the band?

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Aerosmith are barely speaking to each other, according to reports.

Sales of their new album "Music From Another Dimension" may have put them at no. 5 on the Billboard album chart, but the 65K unit sales are understood to be a disappointment to the band, along with the fact that no dates on their current tour have sold out.

A source told the New York Post: The band isn't really talking. Aerosmith's record came in fifth... pretty bad for their first release in a decade."

Another source said singer Steven Tyler is unhappy that the album hasn't been a big hit, and blames their label Columbia.

"Let's face it, since Aerosmith fired manager Tim Collins, and John Kalodner as their A&R guy, they were never able to capture the magic from their '80s comeback," they said. "Tim kept them clean and sober and invested their money, making them millions.

A spokesperson for the band claims that someone is spreading malicious rumors about the band to discredit them, and suggests it could be related to Steven Tyler and his fiancé Erin going through a rocky patch in their relationship.

Aerosmith is doing great and on tour and on fire. Any claim to the contrary is absolutely false," said the spokesperson. "It's clear that someone is spreading false and malicious rumors, including stories about false tensions between Steven [and his fiance]. To give them any credence would only empower them to disseminate more lies.

Should Aerosmith be disappointed in only reaching no. 5 on the chart? Do you believe rumors of tension between band members? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    Its pretty sad that they're having to Talk This Way :/
    I don't see why people are freaking out, they're just letting the music do the talking.
    shows you how much certain bands or artists are really in it for the music. the ones who are more concerned with how much they're selling, rather than their satisfaction and concern with the work itself. really disappointing.
    Sometimes I wish I could be like Steven Tyler, but then I remember what it did to him, and I just have a beer.
    If your write an album to hit #1, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. If you write an album to make music, you should be proud of it no matter how many copies you sell. Clearly Aerosmith made this album for the wrong reasons.
    yeah, Rush's Clockwork Angels made it to #2, and they write music for the right reasons.
    Anyone who doesn't want their album to get to number 1 is a liar. The chance to share your music with millions of people is a great thing and the publicity for the music would be as good as the wad of cash.
    Well maybe if it didn't cost $65 dollars for an upper level ticket, more people would go to the concerts. Seriously, I wanted to go to the Austin concert so bad just decided it wasn't worth it for that price.
    I don't think there's any tension going on. They may be disappointed by the sales, but it's not each other's fault if they're not doing well commercially.
    Honestly, this sounds like a bunch of crap. Sounds WAY too much like a couple months ago: "Van Halen members aren't talking to each other; they're fighting all the time!", etc....
    I think this is just further proof that they're all spoiled old men who can't just accept the fact that they're not as cool as they used to be. You can't even pretend to be happy that your album debuted at #5? Get over yourself.
    really? theyre over 40 years into their career, most bands cant stay together half that long, let alone release an album- they should be happy they can still tour arenas while they are all in their 60s
    With the amount of worthless popular music on the billboard today, Aerosmith should be glad they topped out at 5. Sure, the album was a little disappointing ("Ballads from Another Dimension"), but still, a success by rock standards
    In the battle of new KISS and Aerosmith albums, Monster may be the winner, but the real losers are the rock fans. Neither album was worth the wait or hype.
    Latest tweet from Joe Perry: "Someone must be getting paid a lot of $$ for making all of this shit about Aerosmith. Don't papers check their sources anymore?" Besides, if you read some of his other tweets, it's pretty clear that they're having a lot of fun on the road.
    Danjo's Guitar
    If I was in a band with Steven Tyler I probably wouldn't talk to him much either. Great voice, but man does he have an ego.
    I'd be happy to have a #5 album. But I guess having several platinum albums, millions of dollars and legions of fans will make #5 disappointing.
    I think it's just been so long since they've released the last album that they don't realize that young people just don't appreciate their type of music in general as much as they used to. Joe Perry actually talked about it in one of his most recent interviews.
    People get old and start to lose it. Aerosmith, my favorite band of all time, is old. I wished they could just keep it simple and do one last old school sleazy bluesy hard rocking record, not a doctored up, super saturated vanilla fest. They need to stop trying to be everything to everybody and do what made them a great band. I have a hard time accepting what they have become
    Tour starts in the summer, single comes out in August, album comes out now? Doesn't sound like a good strategy to release an album.
    Aerosmith had a good run as a band. I'm a huge fan of Aerosmith don't get me wrong it's just as i'm 18 I think it's funny hearing men old enough to be my grandfather singing and playing music about love. Aerosmith will always rock it's just the fact of reality not alot of people in my age demographic want to listen to.
    Well, I think the problem is, at least from what I heard, the album sucks. I'd be pretty happy if my worst album ever hit the charts at #5.
    It's actually pretty good. It isn't "back to roots" like they said it would be, a lot of the songs sound kind of like the Get a Grip aalbum. It's definitely miles ahead of "Just Push Play".
    Get a Grip is one of my favorite Aerosmith albums. And unless I picked the two most off the wall songs on the album to listen to, yeah, it sucks.
    To be Honest considering that their lead single was pretty bland and lacked a great riff, I'd say they are doing pretty good, especially considering the musical climate. Also, Tylers Fiance is ****in stupid.
    Haven't heard the new album yet. But I wasn't that floored with the new single. I saw Aerosmith a number of times. Last time was 2 years ago. They basically phoned it in. I love the band and their music but I wouldn't be surprised if there is tension. I feel it'd almost be best for them to just call it a day.
    They should have invested more in promotion. I haven't heard jack shit about this record whatsoever. I mean, besides that uninteresting ballad they put out a couple of weeks ago.
    Josh Reubenking
    Well a lot of bands who fire their original managers, or managers who've done great for the bands tend to become a little less successful. It's happened to many of them.
    You people all realize that none of this trash is confirmed and you're believing rumors, don't you? Why buy into it. Wait for official word from the band and not some anonymous hearsay. This is how bullshit starts. a bunch of high school girls, I swear.
    I didn't mind the slanging match with Kiss and Aerosmith, I hate Gene Simmons, and I don't care too much for Steven Tyler, but I am disappointed Kiss' argument was let the sales do the talking and apparently Kiss won.
    Paul Stanley said "let the music do the talking." Get your stuff together son.