Aerosmith Bassist Working On Bio?

Tom Hamilton promises another Aerosmith memoir.

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In recent years, rock and roll memoirs have become an increasingly big business. Autobiographies from artists big and small are being churned out at a rapid rate, often in time for the Christmas season.

Aerosmith are a band that has been no stranger to the bio. Market. The band's official memoirs "Walk This Way" were co-written with Steven Davis back in 1999. Recently, both Steven Tyler and drummer Joey Kramer have released their own volumes, with it being rumored that guitarist Joe Perry is also working on a book. Now bassist Tom Hamilton has revealed that he too may be putting pen to paper, stating that he could bring a different perspective from the rest of the band:

"I think maybe there is some perspective that I could bring to it that may not have been covered by the other three I think we're going to have a bunch of time, a bunch of down time in the first half of next year. I'll have to get myself into a disciplined pattern of writing every day and I'll see what I come up with.

"I do have a lot that I've written over the years in terms of journaling. There was a period when we first had our website where I did, I guess you'd call it a blog now, I just called it 'News From the Road.' I have a ton of that, that I've done and piles of notebooks that I need to spend some time with, sitting down, reading, and compiling and seeing what's there and seeing if I can finish it off into something that people would be interested in reading. I'm getting far more interested in it, because it seems like in the last few weeks so many people have asked me this question."

But what do you think? Could Hamilton's book bring new insight into the world of Aersomith? Or is the tale of the "Boston Bad Boys" one that has been definitively told?

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    First off, Joe Perry talks about working on and releasing his book frequently on twitter so it's not a rumor. Secondly, I'd like to read this because he's one of the self-titled "least interesting three" and I think it will offer a different perspective in relation to Steven's and Joe's.
    Yeah, Steven was badmouthing Joe in his book, so Joe is probably going to do the same to Steven Tyler in his book. Tom Hamilton's book will probably be neutral middle ground