Aerosmith Cancel Ukraine Concert Due to Civil War

The July 2nd show was to be the band's final date on "Let Rock Rule" European tour.

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According to Hennemusic, Aerosmith have pulled out of their July 2nd show in Kiev, Ukraine because of the ongoing civil war in the country. The date was to be the final stop on Aerosmith's "Let Rock Rule" European tour. An official statement from event promoter National Corporation Of Entertainment reads as follows:

"With much regret we have decided to cancel the Aerosmith show in Kiev on July 2nd. It is impossible to produce this show in Ukraine while there is civil war. We can't ensure safety to the artists, crew and the audience. We can't ensure safety of the equipment. We're facing many economic and technical difficulties and in a state of civil war those difficulties are impossible to resolve. Therefore we just can't carry out the show on July 2nd and are very sorry for that."

"We all did our best to present the show in Kiev but we have no option but to cancel. We hope that Aerosmith will be able to perform in Ukraine at some time in the future when there is peace and more stability in Ukraine. We are arranging refunds for ticket-holders." 

Details regarding refunds are available here.

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    What we've got here is... failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach so you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants, well he gets!
    Well, it seems they just aren't going to Walk This Way.
    I understand to that, but it makes me admire Alcest even more for not canceling their show.
    Hope everything gets resolved soon. I know us western countries are guilty of more than a few things, but I feel even Russia made a double standard on it's morals when it interfered with Ukraine's sovereignty.
    Most ignorant think I've ever heard. Odessa for the most part was a beautiful city the last 3 times I went and with a little work would stand as one of the Europe's best seafront resort towns, of only people there would care a little. The civil war is an extreme shame. According to friends and family there, people are just too scared to go outside. No, its not a small part of it in war- the entire eastern half with large Russian populations are in war, and no, people don't just get burned alive there.
    Politics never effect music in a good way.
    are you dull? do you realize how much politics fuel music all of the time? War Pigs, Peace Sells, Bulls on Parade, Killing in the Name, One, etc.
    Sorry for not making my point clear, I meant the politics that have straight effect, like banning concerts (a big Ukrainian band wasn't aloud to have gigs in Russia) and such.
    It's civil war but it's not like afghanistan. Ukraine is a big country and only a small part of it is in war. Odessa is probally still the paradise like resort it was 10 years ago.
    Sounds like a good decision. If I were in a big touring band, I sure as shit would never even consider playing a concert anywhere in a country that's going through something like that. Even if the chances are very slim, I'm not taking ANY chance that I might get ****ing killed in crossfire just to please some fans in third-world countries. To the fans I'd say, "sorry guys. I know it's not YOUR fault that your country is going to shit, but it's not MINE, either".
    Doubt you would get killed in the crossfire in Kiev, the artillery barrages and civilian killings by the government are happening in the east of the country.
    by the pro-Russian/Russian terrorists/"separatists"*
    Im pretty sure the Ukranian Government, Far Right movement and National guard aren't pro Russian.
    And they're not the ones that started a civil war and started murdering people with Putin's blessing.