Aerosmith Dispute Tour Rumors

Yesterday a source claimed the band were "barely talking" after disappointing album sales last week, but Joe Perry insists they're "getting along better than ever."

Ultimate Guitar

After yesterday's report that Aerosmith are "barely talking to each other" after disappointing album sales, the band have tried to squash the rumors by saying they're getting along better than ever.

Speaking to Eddy Trunk (via Rolling Stone), guitarist Joe Perry joked "it must have been a slow news week" and said the rumors were false.

"We were wondering, 'Who's saying this?' and 'Why are they saying this?' It's totally wrong and irrelevant," Perry said. "The least they could have done was get [the facts] right."

He said the rumors came from people who haven't been friends with the band for more than a decade, and added: "The band is getting along better than ever. We were thinking about [releasing a statement], but then why even validate it by even answering?"

On November 16, guitarist Brad Whitford posted a tour update which also suggested they were getting on well. "The band's just playing great; very loose... loose in a way I've never really felt this band play before. Very relaxed and we're having a good time," he said (via HenneMusic).

Was it all just a vicious rumor, or do you think the band are trying a little too hard to counter claims that they aren't getting on? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    I wish Joe Perry would shave off that moustache, it looks so weird
    I saw the thumbnail and thought it was fake. Like he was wearing a joke mustache or something.
    Danjo's Guitar
    Do we think they're trying a little to hard to counter the rumors? It doesn't seem like they're specifically trying to do that at all. Did you even read your own article before asking that question?
    Rolling Stone also said that Van Halen "hate each other" and are "fighting like mad." I don't believe anything Rolling Stone says anymore.
    As long as they stay together until Tuesday, I'm good! Seeing them play in Toronto. lol
    I saw Aerosmith on the Pump tour with Joan Jett opening. Her camel toe is all I can remember though.
    Josh Reubenking
    Nice spelling, UG. "Eddy Trunk" It's EDDIE!!! Anyways, glad to know Aerosmith's touring and happy again. Their new album is great. I like it a lot. Long live Aerosmith! \m/
    I think this is bullshit, but possibly started by people that don't know how volcanic those guys are in the first place. They're passionate, they say some mean shit on a regular basis, but they've leaned what is and isn't serious a long time ago. Or, it's someone talking smack to get on TMZ...and that's as deep as it goes. The vibe coming from the band has been very positive during this whole album and tour period.
    the album started at the 5th position in the us. what`s wrong with that? they`ve been gone for a long time.
    ya the've been touring with cheap trick...some of my relatives saw them last week in austin