Aerosmith Drummer: 'Justin Bieber Is a Punk, a Product of Social Media'

Joey Kramer hits out at pop star in new interview.

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Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer has recently hit out at Justin Bieber, describing him as a punk and a product of social media. The comments came about during an interview with the "Hill-Man Morning Show" on Boston's WAAF Rock radio station. Kramer was asked who he would play with if he was forced to do a show with Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Jay Z, Rihanna or Elton John, to which he responded: "Elton John. Otherwise none of the above." Commenting further on Bieber's music, the drummer offered the following: "It's all about social media. He's a product of social media. It's not about the quality of his music ... the music is secondary." He also addressed Bieber's recent media controversies, describing the singer as a "punk:" "He's p--sing in places that he shouldn't be p--sing. He's saying the wrong things to the wrong people; he's a punk."

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    He's right, the artists if today that are on the billboard charts are more for the fame, money, free drinks, etc. The least important thing on their minds are the music. Justin Bieber, One Direction, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, Kanye West, etc etc, don't care for the music, just the fame.
    Nailed it, the only reason One Direction are "the biggest group in the world" is because they were pushed so f*cking hard by the media to be so.
    Hey...leave John Mayer and Lady Gaga out of this. They are ducking alright. John Mayer is ****in awesome.
    Agreed. Lady Gaga is freaking awesome. Best pop artist in a long time. Unfortunately a bit of a media *****, but she's extremely creative and very talented.
    Who the f*ck is John Mayer?
    He's that guy who can play rings around 90% of the guitarists you idolise.
    I totally agree with you, but John Mayer really does not belong on that list. He for one is a real musician. Just watch him with the John Mayer Trio on youtube if you want to see him reach to his full potential.
    John Mayer is a skilled guitarist. he's not even a pop-star, he's the only versatile guitarist that's still mainstream out there. Not all mainstream artists are the same.
    I'm sorry, did you say Kanye doesn't care about the music? He's a pompous *******, yes, but damned if he can't crank out some good songs.
    i made a comment about john mayer being awesome but i see its covered and i dont know how to delete my comment.goodday
    justin beaver is a piece of shit and i want to punch him in his ace ventura looking ****in face
    "He's p--sing in places that he shouldn't be p--sing. He's saying the wrong things to the wrong people; he's a punk." <- that makes you an moron, not a punk.
    It was like this since 70s just not so visible. Back then it was radio, magazines, word-of-mouth, etc.
    his fans are little girls peeing there pants, the little girls mothers (milfs) fat middle aged women, gay man who like twinks
    i agree with all that he said apart from the being a punk bit. just because you 'piss somewhere you're not supposed to' doesnt make you a punk, it makes you an *******.
    I would hope he would choose Elton John out of the choices he had. He's closer to his age, and Elton has some great music. Times have changed since the early 70s though! People who are talented often never got their music heard without luck, selling out or knowing the right people. The web has changed that...and that is perfectly OK.
    I disagree with the social media part. I don't think he understands what that is. Bands discovered on social media are usually pretty decent.
    everyone who comments on here seems to have not looked into the musicians they are bashing. the social media is why you hate them, not their actual feelings towards music and how hard they work for it and on it. I think you guys are just hating due to their fanbases being so retarded and so musically closed.
    i doubt any of those "srtists" are in there for the art, peple bash them because they get undeserved pushes but they don't make an effort to improve
    I'm with you on the whole Bieber thing, but social media is the new way. Get with the times. Cost efficiency and time management is what it comes down to now.