Aerosmith Site Hacked

Hackers branded the official Aerosmith website with a strange yellow and black image last night. What does it all mean?

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Hackers targeted the Aerosmith website last night, branding its front page with an unusual logo.

The image appears to be a pair of yellow crossed arms against a black background. It's unclear what it is meant to represent, but it certainly doesn't relate to Aerosmith.

Noicecreep checked with Aerosmith's publicists to see if it was part of the promotional campaign for their new album "Music From Another Dimension!" but they had no idea what it was.

The hacked site has since been repaired.

Meanwhile, the band have been releasing tracks for the new album on their Facebook page, and last week premiered their new video for "What Could Have Been Love".

Can you decipher the hacker image? Let us know what you think it means in the comments.

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    I had no idea that KISS had hackers working for them, LOL.
    "Can you decipher the hacker image?" I can decipher that image... ermm... I belive that it's two arms crossing each other in the form of an 'X'.
    Bob Dolan :D
    I'd like to think that those hackers deliberatly put an unusual picture, just to get people all over the internet to try decipher the "hidden/symbolic" message behind it. At least thats what I would do
    It wouldn't surprise me if it was some type of publicity stunt to get people to check out the website.
    Looks kind of like in The Wall when everyone crossed their arms and put them in the air during the In The Flesh dictator scene
    I just want the november 6 to hurry the **** up:d Legends Alive Aero.
    What the hell? This makes absolutely no sense. What's the point of hacking a website if you make absolutely no sense? No point proved.
    what idiot does that? no one gets it and no one cares, they just wasted their time, but their nerds so they've got nothing better to do.