Aerosmith, Slash Tour Ranked Among Most Expensive Treks This Summer

$275.85 average ticket price still got the icons only to No. 7 spot on the list, full Top 10 inside.

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The joint Aerosmith/Slash tour has officially earned a spot among this summer's most expensive treks with an average ticket price of $275.85.

Among the rock representatives in the Top 10, Bruce Springsteen reached No. 9 with $268.84 average price, while Paul McCartney was the one closest to top, locking in at No. 2 with an average ticket price of $336.80.

Check out the full Top 10 list of most expensive US tours this summer below, courtesy of the Street.

10. Katy Perry - $262.92
9. Bruce Springsteen - $268.84
8. Lana Del Rey - $269.68
7. Aerosmith - $275.85
6. Bruno Mars - $279.89
5. Cher - $286.46
4. Jay-Z/Beyonce - $306.22
3. Billy Joel - $319.562. Paul McCartney - $336.801. Justin Timberlake - $349.50

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    I wonder if escalated ticket prices have any relation to the decline in record sales?
    Maybe, but i think that it's most of the time because they are looking for a lot of money or either because their tour cost a lot... Or both! Seriously even great musician like McCartney could be a less expensive, they are doing what they love but that's not a reason to cost that much.
    big muff pedal
    I dunno, I agree with what Thom Yorke of Radiohead said about record sales: pirating isn't what's killing the industry, it's shit music no one wants to buy that's doing it.
    who cares it sucks im 18 i cant afford that.
    well mates, here in Germany you pay 200Euro for Rock am Ring. You've got Metallica, Iron Maiden,Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold and more more other cool bands... 4 days long. And than you look on that list... NR6 Bruno Mars 280$... i had to puke!
    I'll be honest. I make a conscious effort to buy all my Foo Fighter albums (hard copies) because their concerts are always under $50 for me.
    Sad list... So expensive and also : 8. Lana Del Rey - $269.68 What?
    That's exactly what I was thinking. I have seen videos of her live performances and I'm trying to find the correlation as to why it's so expensive.
    an entire list of shitty popstars or rock stars way past their prime...These ticket prices are sick. The fesivals I'm going to this year are even less expensive,with good bands and 3 to 4 days worth of entertainment
    lol in the netherlands you pay under 100 euros (aprox. 140 USD) for most of these acts (75 euros for springsteen eg)
    There is only one time when I paid relatively even close to a ticket at that price and that was for Metallica. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.
    Long Distance
    Just remember; these are average ticket prices. So VIP packages and backstage tickets really drag up the average!
    I paid 85 a ticket for almost top row of paul mccartney. I paid 53 for pavilion for slash/aerosmith. I felt cheated at paul, was happy with price for aerosmith.
    $350 for Justin Timberlake? I'd rather pay that much to not see him. Ever.
    I looked up the original ticket prices for the Lana Del Rey U.S. dates and they were all in the $60 range.
    I just paid $385 for Rolling Stones ticket. Never seen them before, hopefully will be worth it!
    hell I've paid 500 for front row VH tickets. Absolutely crazy when you think about it, but if you're willing to pay that for your favorite guitarist then that's your thing you know. Think I paid close to 300 for the Stones a few years back but like you I had never seen them and it was a hell of a show.
    Most I've ever paid was $80 to go see system of a down when they did their reunion tour a few years back. Well worth it! Don't think I would ever spend more than that on a concert (unless it's Tool, because I would kill to see them live)
    are these really the prices in the US!? I live in Europe and the ticket for a big festival is like 180 euros for 3 days. it's called graspop and the lineup is insane: black Sabbath, megadeth, slayer and avenged sevenfold...etc..
    I saw Queens of the Stone and Nine Inch Nails co-headlining tour in Australia for about $120. good value there
    Never understand these? it's not THREE hundred for one ticket. More like 120 for big shows, in UK i paid £75 for an Eagles ticket and about 60 for Black stone cherry/Airbourne.
    I went to a festival at a big amphitheater last year and saw Blink 182, 30 seconds to Mars, The offspring, jimmy eat world and a few more for only $58- also I was in seats as opposed to the big grass lawn general admission which is half of the venue whether or not you like the bands that's a pretty good price for some big name acts
    All I know is that i've never payed over 200 $ for a concert I didn't think was worth it... I've seen TOOL for 120$ Muse for 100$ Soundwave festival for 180$ NIN/QOTSA for 120$