Aerosmith: 'There Is Almost No Reason for Band to Make Another Album'

"Why bother?" asks the band's sticksman Joey Kramer.

Ultimate Guitar

In a new interview with Ultimate Classic Rock (via Blabbermouth), Joey Kramer has been talking about the state of play with Aerosmith and recording.

As the drummer notes, after the band's mixed experiences with the release of 2012's "Music From Another Dimension," a new record may not be on the cards:

"It would be great to make another record, but it's almost [like] 'Why bother?'. Records don't sell, and they don't do anything. There's no record companies to pay for it, so you have to pay for it out of your pocket. Especially with us now, because we're a free agent - we're no longer with a record company."

He cites the state of the music industry as a major factor in the band's reticence to record again:

"There's really no money per se to be made on records. We used to make a lot of money on records. Now all of our money is made on touring. Artistically, it would be fun to make another record and it would be a beautiful thing if we can put it together. But to what avail, I don't know. There's almost no reason to do it, you know, judging from the last one and how it went over."

"Music From Another Dimension" sold 63,000 copies in its first week of release. That compares unfavorably to the band's previous studio album, "Just Push Play," which sold 240,000 in its first week back in 2001.

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    But you guys are rich, I'm pretty sure at lease one of the member's has a home studio - Just make free demos for the hell of it? why not? Not every album has to be a big release. You guys are musicians. Make music.
    This. Hell, they could probably build their own studio, with equipment on par with that of some of the top studios in the world, I'm sure Aerosmith would have the financial backing to do such a thing.
    Yeah, if you don't want to make music, don't. If you force yourself, it'll sound like shit.. Glad they know not to overdo it
    I'd rather listen to a band who makes music for the sake of art and not just money.
    What a pretetious load of s**t. You know as well as I do that if someone handed you a check for playing music, you would take it in a heartbeat. Music is their job. I don't think you are going to see him cashiering at your local 7-11, because it's all about the "Art".
    it's not about what you would do if you were offered the money, it's about what you would listen to - when someone makes an album just to make money, it's not going to have that personal touch that, say, an artist trying to make a piece of personal art would have. That said, of course there's a lot of money grabbling bands that still makes good music *cough* slayer *cough* but that doesn't change the fact that at the point where it just becomes about the money for the band, the product just isn't as good
    The Coop
    Thank God! At least, we won't be subjected to any more of their shit albums. They haven't put out a solid album since Done With Mirrors, early 80s.
    Shouldn't people make music for the love of creativity and music? Rather than making a fast buck. These guys must be very financially comfortable, so so what if they have to pay fro it out of their own pockets? There's thousands of bands trying to break into music putting quite literally every penny they have and some they don't, into making music, and these are the guys who genuinely can't afford to do it, but they do because they want to make music and people be able to listen to it. If they made a new album millions of people would enjoy it, even if they don't make their money back from record sales directly, at least they A)Have fans listening and enjoying it B)do in the end make money from it
    'Why bother?' He ask?!?! Yeah, why should musicians even make new music/albums, they should just stick to a few old albums and play the same old same old, over and over again. Heck if there isn't any profit you might as well stop being creative (sarcasm).
    matteo cubano
    i'd love to switch shoes with them and be able to tour and have access to the best equipment in the world and work with great producers, i would have respected this if they just said they were old and it wouldn't sound any good for fans. but holy shit, ill record an album in my house and use all your connections if you don't want to, i wish I could drop an album and have a quarter of the amount of people buy it that would buy a new aerosmith record. "you'd have to pay for it out of your pocket, Especially with us now, because we're a free agent - we're no longer with a record company." Man how the industry has changed. No knowledge of how many big name, sold out venues are plaid by artists who do exactly that. What an ignorant thing to say. This kinda shit really pisses me off. How out of touch these people are.
    And in 70s it was the exact opposite; hardly paying bills/crew, etc. by touring. Why can't you just make a couple demos and then release them digitally for, let's say $2 each? You will have fun in studio and at the same time make some money to buy each other lunch
    Let's be frank and say that people are not going to Aerosmith shows to hear new material
    You dont make music for the money you make music because its your passion and for your fans
    Face R1pper
    They're not saying its about the money. They're saying there is no interest in a record. If nobody buys the record that means nobody is interested in hearing new music. And this lack of interest is reflected by their setlists. People only want to hear their 70s/80s stuff. So why waste the money and time on making a new record that nobody is going to listen to?
    money money moeny, arent you rich already? make music because you want to! for love,expression,or maybe to help people who relate to your music!!!!! are you a banker or musician/artist? most of the money made comes from touring and merch anyways... you has been premadona!!
    not to say the new record was bad but it was lacking. I realize its not the same band from the 70s/80s. There stuff lately is not gonna garner any new interest, and to make a good profit people outside of their fan base would have to buy it.
    Maybe if they didn't lie and say they were working on an awesome album that sounds like what they were doing in the 70's, and release what sounds like the same thing they've been doing for the past 20 years. No crappy ballads! We want rock!
    They reach the point most artists historically dream of- total creative freedom- and then bow out. Shame.
    adapt to the new reality joey. If you really can't come up with a reason to do it, then I guess you shouldn't. But there's an old saying, where I come from, that goes something like "Start eating and your appetite will grow". If you're used at eating caviar and you're too "proud" to switch to mashed potatoes then I guess you shouldn't bother I just wish that that's not the case
    agree and disagree They may be getting back to the art but without the backing of a record company you are not heard. Radio stations suck too. Its time a main stream radio stations break away from formulated crap and perhaps have the balls to try playing a new track from a new artist
    Not saying I wanna hear another Aerosmith record, but why should it be about money? You create music for the joy of making music. Don't discourage musicians and blame it solely on the music industry.
    There was actually some solid songs on their last album. Lover A Lot, Out go the Lights, etc. Songs like those fit right in with their early stuff. They'll always be one of my favourite rock bands ever, even if their time has passed.
    Fully agreed. "Street Jesus" and "Beautiful" were pretty cool as well (Brad Whitford songs, of course). is a profession to professional musicians. If there's no money to be made, why do it?
    There's money to be made by a band like Aerosmith. They still get royalties for every song that was on a soundtrack like armaggedon and mrs. doubtfire. Besides, no one guarantees you're gonna make money out of any profession.