Aerosmith's Brad Whitford: 'We Missed the Mark With Our Last Album'

Guitarist thinks Music From Another Dimension could have been better.

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Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford has been musing on the band's most recent album, "Music From Another Dimension," Classic Rock reports. The record, that was released last year, was the band’s first album of original material since 2001's "Just Push Play." Looking back on it, however, Whitford feels that the band could have done better: "We have a lot of issues with the last record now. We feel like we missed the mark a little bit. I'm not quite sure what we would have done differently, but we feel like we should have done something. "I don't know if the material really translated. Maybe we're a little bit stuck in the way we do things; we kind of did it old-school and thought we were going in the right direction. But I don't know." He also notes that the band might try a different creative approach with their next album: "We still have a lot of creative juices flowing. Maybe we’ll experiment a bit more in the writing process. Maybe we need to bring in some more contemporary people to work with, and maybe take a few twists and turns. I don't know." What do you think? Do Aerosmith need to step up their game, or is Whitford being a bit hard on the band? Let us know in the comments.

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    They need to stop doing all the cheesy ballads they started doing in the early 90's and start doing bluesy rock again.
    EXACTLY. Stop making every song like its written for the radio. Basically been playing the same damn song since the early 90s.
    Life Wasted
    They started doing ballads in the 80s with permanent vacation. but there were some even on the early albums like the song "you see me cryin"
    ...every one of their albums has a ballad,just in the 70's it was balls to the wall guitar with the ballad tacked on the end...Dream On, Seasons, You See me Crying, Home Tonight, Mia..and they are all awesome songs that piss on 99% of what everyone including Aero release today.
    Everyone says their best album was Toys In The Attic, but idk. I have a lot more songs I like off of Big Ones than Toys.
    Thought it was cool he was actually admitting their last album wasn't that great. Then I read, "Maybe we need to bring in some more contemporary people to work with....." *facepalm* No.
    "Maybe we need to bring in some more contemporary people to work with". Goodbye Desmond Child, hello and Skrillex.
    OMG that guy's so annoying. It's William not stop calling yourself that! >.>
    Yeah, god forbids the guy has some fun with his stage name.
    I personnaly tought that the new record was ****ing badass! Maybe just forhet about the 4 ballads and replace 3 of them by some bluesy rock songs like out go the lights
    Right? If you get rid of the godawful made-for-radio ballads, you are still left with enough songs for a complete album- and a pretty good one at that.
    Just Push Play and Music From Another Dimension were both underwhelming, but I thought Honking on Bobo was great. Maybe they should just keep releasing blues covers?
    Actually thought about half the songs on the MFAD were pretty good. The two Brad Whitford songs ("Beautiful" and "Street Jesus") were both good. As usual. I really wish he would just do a solo album or something.
    I like the new album. Has some pretty good songs on it. And Joe Perry created the impression that the band was really proud of it. So idk. I feel like experimenting with newer ideas doesn't work out well for most bands (hint: Metallica).
    Since Night in the Ruts they've missed the mark. A lot of MOR and honkytonk crap since then.
    He's right that they missed the mark, but way off about the direction they need to take again. Enough ballads. It's just getting silly now. But the thing is, no matter what they do, nothing is taking away Toys in the Attic, Rocks, or Get Your Wings from me
    I kinda liked it, knowing going in that it as in essence only 50% an Aerosmith album. I loved "Oh Yeah". Ditch the songwriters guys.
    Exactly! All the songs they wrote independently were really good! Don't "bring in more contemporary people," Brad! Ditch anyone not named Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, and Joey Kramer.
    i didnt listen to a lot of it but i would like to hear a really bluesy record, or something like their self titled one
    Well, I liked the last album a lot, it was better than I expected, the best since nine lives imo. Tyler voice is still great and they have put some nice riffs out there, like on Luv XXX and Out go the lights.
    They're no longer relevant. Half of them are sick.....and they're all O-L-D!!!!! They can't rock anymore. In my eyes they haven't put out a good album since Pump. At least Kiss still has an awesome show to alleviate the oldness!!! Lol! Doing another album will just continue to spoil their legacy. They should just be producing younger bands and trying to bring back the non existant rock and roll that way!
    Saw them just a month ago... and I can assure you that they still rock live! Great ****ing show, specially Mr. Tyler with his voice and stage prescence and Brad Withford with his guitar playing.
    Problem is KID....none of you kids know how to rock or want to rock anymore...They may be O-L-D but at least they can rock when they want.... not something that can be said about the Y-O-U-N-G-E-R generation.....
    ...they are relevant...would rather pay a bit more to be entertained than pay money to listen to some goose who can't survive without auto tune and 100 gyrating dancers onstage to make their show interesting...seen these guys 4 times since 2012 and they blew the ****ing doors off the place everytime...
    I didn't listen to any of it but if it's anything like their albums have now been for years, I think Aerosmith need to go back to their roots pretty much.
    I very highly doubt that they could ever replicate the success they had in the 70's and 80's, but that was certainly the style that suited them best. I think that after that they just kinda got caught up with the poppier ballads.
    Some of the songs on that album were very good, and would have fit right back in with Rocks or any other classic of there's. Those ballads need to die, or be in fewer numbers.