Aerosmith's Steven Tyler And Joe Perry Debate American Idol' Rift On TV

artist: Aerosmith date: 09/25/2012 category: general music news

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Aerosmith's Steven Tyler And Joe Perry Debate American Idol' Rift On TV
Aerosmiths Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are still fielding questions about the rift once caused by Tyler's decision to be an "American Idol" judge, and for the record, Perry says his public anger over the situation was not based out of jealousy, but rather the consideration shown by Tyler at the time. Tyler and Perry had a very public dispute over the matter when Tyler accepted the job, as it came during a period where the rest of the band was anxious to record or tour again. In the years since, the band smoothed over their tensions with Tyler and while it took a little while, the group is back and ready to rock again with "Music From Another Dimension", due Nov. 6. Speaking with ABC's "Good Morning America", the pair, who are rarely interviewed together, had a chance to hash out their feelings again when the subject was brought up. Tyler explained, "It was the biggest show on TV and every night millions of people got to see that big... singer guy from Aerosmith sing, up there being what he is. It didn't hurt Aerosmith. They were a little jealous in the beginning that I took it, and I didn't tell em I did." After the "jealous" comment, Perry interjected, "Speak for yourself, cause I wasn't jealous". What ensued was a back-and-forth between the two forceful rockers, with Tyler calling out Perry for "going to the press and saying it sucks like Ninja Turtles", to which the guitarist responded that he only acted that way because he had to read about it in the press before hearing it from Tyler. To clarify things, Perry concluded, "I wasn't jealous you were on the show. I was glad you were on the show". For the record, Tyler said in another interview that he would entertain a return to "American Idol" if asked, but would likely only come back as a mentor rather than a judge. With "Idol" now a thing of the past for Tyler, the group really buckled down this year, finishing their new record, launching the "Global Warming" tour this summer, and recently announcing a new leg of dates around the time of the album's release. As for the band dynamics, Tyler points out that this is one of the most collaborative efforts they've enjoyed to date, with the other band members contributing to the process as well, to which Perry concluded, "It's a band, how bout that?"
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