Afghanistan's First Metal Band Risk Death To Perform

artist: District Unknown date: 07/25/2012 category: music news
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Afghanistan's First Metal Band Risk Death To Perform
Afghanistan's first heavy metal band say they live "under the constant fear of sudden death", but continue to perform live despite the threat. District Unknown is among the first to emerge from Afghanistan's first school of rock, "Sound Centre", which opened in May and mentors young musicians. The band say they discovered heavy metal when two of them were given a Metallica album while studying in Iran, and that living amidst a decade-long war helps them connect with the heavy sound of metal. The Taliban had previously banned all cinema, TV and music that was not based on religion. Although Taliban rule has since been toppled, some musicians at the rock school perform with masks to avoid being attacked by religious conservatives. "Our music is not about heartbreak or boy-girl relationships. We don't live that," says guitarist Qais Shaghasi while wearing a Slayer shirt. "It's about watching a 15-year-old being married off to a 50-year-old man by her father for money. That's what we see." Watch a video of the band perform a cover of "Sweet Dreams" here:
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