Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Gets Teeth Smashed in Onstage Fracas

Against Me!'s lead singer Laura Jane Grace was injured Wednesday night during a concert in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Against Me!'s lead singer Laura Jane Grace was injured Wednesday night during a concert at the Soapbox in Wilmington, North Carolina when her microphone stand was accidentally smashed into her face by a crowdsurfer.

Although no video of the incident has been posted thus far, Punknews reported the band cut their set short after the incident. Accounts vary, but there was apparently some sort of stage invasion, the microphone-in-mouth incident, and then some sort of angry guitar/equipment throwdown by Grace.

For those asking, last night my mic was kicked into my face and it shattered a couple of teeth. It was an accident, but still really hurt...

Laura Jane Grace (@LauraJaneGrace) 8, 2012

"I'm also pretty upset about the idea reconstructive dental surgery," she continued. Grace fortunately kept her sense of humor about the incident in a subsequent tweet by saying: "I'm gonna start a kickstarter to get a diamond grill like Kanye."

A few fans added some more info on the band's Facebook page yesterday.

"I seriously f--king apologize on behalf of those douchebags that stormed the stage and stopped the show tonight," Matt Herzog commented. "Please don't think we're all anything like those few assholes."

Meanwhile, another fan David Carta said he hoped "someone kicked that guy's ass like he deserved for stopping an otherwise great show and that Laura's mouth is alright." He also said that "with any luck that guy is feeling every bit of it in a hospital this morning."

Against Me! are slated to perform tonight in Asheville, North Carolina and again Saturday night in Charleston, South Carolina. There's no word if the injury will affect those gigs, reports Spinner.

The band, who released their last studio album White Crosses in 2010, are working on their new effort with the working title Transgender Dysmorphia Blues which refers to Grace's transition into becoming a woman. The band have also announced an Australian trek set to begin in January.

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    Nero Galon
    Ouch sounds nasty.... Is it just me or does the guitarist in the middle look similar to Brian Fallon? Also, Laura Jane's voice reminds me of Ian Ashbury!