Al Jourgensen Announces Plans to Take Ministry on World Tour

artist: Ministry date: 06/02/2014 category: music news
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Al Jourgensen Announces Plans to Take Ministry on World Tour
Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen announced that Ministry will once again hit the road for a worldwide tour via his own Facebook page, Loudwire reports.

With the tragic death of Mike Scaccia (Ministry guitarist and longtime creative partner of Al Jourgensen), it seemed like Ministry had finally come to an end. However, Jourgensen has once again surprised us all with not only the tour announcement, but oddball rants about the Amish.

Jourgensen casually announced the Ministry tour in a Facebook post on May 30:

"These Amish f--kers are weird ... been doin some research on them today ... did you know that they let their teens go bat sh-t crazy for a weekend before committing to eternal amishness ... they get to do drugs alcohol hookers computers TV all sorts of sh-t ... Well f--k next time I tour we'll get these f--kers on the Ministry crew bus ... problem solved ... my crew would get them so f--king drunk and high they'd be sick for weeks ... like I'm gonna be after ingesting their f--king "wood milk.

"Yup you heard right ... will be touring the 'FBTE' ['From Beer to Eternity'] album... The set will be 'FBTE' in it's exact order ... and a few oldies for an encore ... and it just won't be America and Europe this time ... We'll see ya down under as well as Mexico South America and Japan ... so start rounding up every f--king Amish teen you can find and bring em to the shows... I will exact my revenge on those bastards ... I'm still puking from their toxic 'wood milk' sh-t... Yuk! ... if there was ever a reason to tour this is it ... Oh btw ... it's a secret for now ... but I'm pretty sure you've heard of the dude that'll take Mikey's place ... ok that's it ... So let it be written ... so let it be done ...

"P. S. Still not a chance in hell there will be another Ministry album ... Will be doing some side stuff though when I get my ass to LA ... Mikey's last words to me were ... FBTE could not be topped ... so why bother MINISTRY RECORDINGS ARE DONE! Carve that sh-t on a stone tablet!"

Stay tuned for more updates on Ministry's apparent upcoming world tour.
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