Al Jourgensen Announces the End of Ministry

Frontman confirms the group's forthcoming album as the last one, saying that he is unable to move on without the late guitarist Mike Scaccia.

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Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen has officially confirmed the group's forthcoming album "From Beer To Eternity" as their final one. In a recent interview with Noisey, the vocalist admitted he is unable to move on without the late guitarist Mike Scaccia, whose death he now considers as the band's end.

"Mikey was my best friend in the world and there's no Ministry without him. But I know the music we recorded together during the last weeks of his life had to be released to honor him," said the frontman. "So after his funeral, I locked myself in my studio and turned the songs we had recorded into the best and last Ministry record anyone will ever here. I can't do it without Mikey and I don't want to. So yes, this will be Ministry's last album."

The new record was written over a period of 19 days during December 2012 and is set for a September release. According to Jourgensen, it was one of the bands most creative periods, making the production stage one of the most difficult, yet rewarding projects of his entire life.

"This was one of the most creative Minstry tracking sessions ever. The band was on fire! We were having fun, we were coming up with great ideas and experimenting with everything we've ever wanted to do, from Stones-y blues to dub and, of course, heavy guitar-based rock," the singer comments. "It was too easy. No fighting, no problems. Nothing goes that well without the floor eventually falling out."

"It was the most emotionally difficult project I've ever done, but it was the most rewarding. Mikey was amazed with the songs when he was working on them, and I know he's looking down at us now and he's totally stoked with what we came up with."

Although the frontman is known for announcing both of the last two Ministry albums as their last ones, it seems that things might be different this time around. Jourgensen is planning to promote the new record along with his forthcoming autobiography titled "Ministry: The Lost Gospels According To Al Jourgensen," but adds that a full tour is by all means out of the question.

"Maybe we'll do one big show with Tommy [Victor] and Sin [Quirin] and the guys who made this band possible for the past few years. That would be a nice tribute to Mikey. But I can't do a whole tour without him. Ministry was his life almost as much as mine and I'm afraid it has to die with him. But damn if we didn't go out with a bang!"

"From Beer To Eternity" was completed over the course of last three months with co-producer Sammy D'Ambruoso and engineer Aaron Havill at 13th Planet Records in El Paso. Album track list is as it follows.

"From Beer To Eternity" track listing:

01. Hail To His Majesty 02. Punch In The Face 03. Permawar 04. Perfect Storm 05. Fairly Unbalanced 06. The Horror 07. Side FX Include Mikey's Middle Finger (T.V.4) 08. Lesson Unlearned 09. Thanx But No Thanx 10. Change Of Luck 11. Enjoy The Silence

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    Always loved Ministry, I remember I finally got to see them a couple years back in concert. Joey Jordison subbed as the bands drummer for that tour. Its kinda sad, but its mad respect if this is indeed their last album as Ministry.
    he should get Paul Baker on tour. can't wait to get this album. rest in peace Mike.
    I don't think that will happen. I think they sued each other after Paul left. Ministry hasn't been the same since.
    D: NOOOOO First Fair play though, kept it going for a while and called it quits out of respect. Legendary.
    Corporate Ministry prevails on this day IT WAS ME AUSTIN!! IT WAS ME ALL ALONG
    It's understandable, and I like that he is so final about it. "This is it, this is the end", not this constant "yeah, we might split after this" like so many other bands tend to do... Nice to hear that they've been experimenting as well
    Was never really into this band. But I respect their originality and longevity and I'd listen to them before 98% of today's crap music.
    havent read the article but this guy - especially in the picture on the homepage - looks like Geddy Lee on speed
    You mean Geddy on CRACK.....don't you?
    On Speed, Crack, Heroin, Cannabis, Acid, Methadone, Coke, Pills, MDA, MDMA and every other drug invented before 2003 you mean??
    As Elaine responded " I am shocked that a single Mom can profit $4323 in a few weeks on the computer" listing her favors on craigslist.....
    Really cool that he wants to respect Mike's memory. Kinda sad news to me, but whatever is best for the band members.
    Rob Man
    I still remember when "Jesus Built My Hot Rod" was played for the first time. I loved the guitar riffs. It was the BH Surfers singer, but man was that a cool song. I also loved hearing (Psalm 69) echoed over-and-over blasting through my speakers after the preacher instructed to turn the page in the bible to this book. Ahh, memories...
    It WAS Gibby from "The Butthole Surfers" but he didn´t sing exactly.. Took Al 3weeks to get his words into a song ; This is the story from Al: That was like really seriously, in my entire thirty something recording career. That was the craziest session I have ever been in because Gibby couldn’t even stand up. We give him a bottle of Jack Daniels and he sat on a stool with a microphone because he couldn’t even stand up long enough, so we put him on a stool and he would fall off quarter of the way through the song. We’d have to go over and clean him up as he would vomit or something then sit him back up. Everything he said made no sense, he was completely wasted and so I spent the next 3 weeks on that song just editing it. Trying to make any kind of sense I could out of what he was jibbering about. It was insane, he was wasted. I cannot overstate they amount of wasted that this person was that was doing vocals for that song and yet it became a hit. So you tell me, there is a god somewhere. I’ve been wasted many a time, I’ve been thrown in a drunk tank and like arrested many times but I have never seen anybody that drunk in my life as when he did those vocals. Trust me Warner Brothers wasn’t happy with the final product but it seemed to take off so then all of a sudden they took all the credit for it like they arranged it and all that. At first they rejected it and said you’re insane, go back and do some songs. So that was Jesus Built My Hotrod.
    i've been hoping for a long while that this news wouldn't come, this "definitive" end to Ministry...never got to see them live...*sigh*...but at least we will always have the music on records, forever. think i'll go put on Dark Side..Spoon right now
    Ministry was always a very cool and influential band. Looking forward to hearing their last album! RIP Mike and Paul
    It seems like a lot of bigger bands, such as these guys and My Chemical Romance, are disbaning. Seems like a good time for some of the indie artists to move into the mainstream.
    Forget a nice new axe, handbags are the new craze on ultimate GUITAR... stupid spambot
    Al... Either keep your band together to begin with or just break up forever. You can't try and fool your fans forever.
    The right decision. Love Ministry but this is the right way to go. Looking forward to hearing the new record.