Albert Hammond Jr.: 'Courtney Love is Full of Sh-t'

Strokes guitarist responds to singer's drug use claims.

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Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. has been talking with Noisey about his former drug addictions. When asked what he made of Courtney Love's comment that "I've never been good with numbers, but when I was on crack I could do math really well. I became a whiz at calculus." As Hammond noted, he thinks that the former Hole frontwoman is "full of sh-t:" "People make statements like that. They're trying to express in words. I think it needs to sound more extreme just to have that effect. She's describing that she had extreme focus on one thing, whereas most of the time, she was just more all over the place. She's definitely full of sh-t." Hammond also responded to the recent revelation that he used to shoot cocaine, heroin and ketamine all together: "Well, first of all, the statement wasn't made to glorify anything, it was just made to understand where I was, to understand where I am now. But obviously, it gets you really high. It's like listening to multiple albums together. It'd be your iPod on shuffle." He also explained that he stopped doing drugs because the good times stopped: "No, that's why I stopped. There's good times when it's innocent. And then the innocence disappears and it takes you a while to realise it's become something else."

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    "There's good times when it's innocent. And then the innocence disappears and it takes you a while to realise it's become something else." Well said.
    I work as a substance abuse counselor and those two sentences are the essence of how people get hooked on shit. It starts out fun. (I actually wrote a whole bunch of other stuff, but this is a music forum and not my pulpit. If interested, feel free to message me.)
    Courtney would have problems with 3rd grade math....on a good day...forget about calculus....
    And what the **** is Courtney Love using calculus for anyways? No amount of drugs will make you good at related rates.
    UG, PLEASE STOP POSTING ARTICLES RELATING TO COURTNEY LOVE! I understand you report music news, as you've done for years but this is NOT news! You're easily better than most trashy tabloid sites that thrive on this type of stuff, so can you please take up some kind of embargo on anything Courtney Love-related to prove nothing she says is really worth reading?
    You must not come on UG very often. Dave Mustaine, Courtney Love, A7X, Liam/Noel Gallagher and Ted Nugent fill up 80% of their newsfeed with tabloid trash.
    All that along with all the they aren't getting back together but "they might someday according to this out of context quote" GN'R reunion articles
    I don't know why we had to ask Mr. Hammond. UGers have been saying this for years. Regardless, good on Mr. Hammond for those thoroughly awesome comments on drug usage.
    Actually when I was on pot I would write my best essays and I would As my phlebotomy class
    This is legit. I have a friend at University who does pot and his programming skills would go through the roof. But yeah, pot's got nothing on heroine, so don't even compare them.
    You dont "DO POT" Just like you dont "DO CIGARETTES" or "DO BEER". This article is referring to hard drugs.
    "it was just made to understand where I was, to understand where I am now." DEEP.
    real genius to take drugs in the 1st place. They're beyond stupid.
    I know you're probably only 12, but, coming from someone who has never done drugs or anything of the sort, you can't judge someone for making a bad choice. Everyone does something stupid at one point or another. The point is, he stopped. That makes him every bit as strong of a person as you, or me for that matter.
    Drugs are like anything, useful in moderation for the right purposes. It's the people that are idiots, the drugs are just compounds
    Courtney couldn't do math at all. I find it hard to believe she ever wasted a hit by doing math problems. Also what is up with this guy? It's like putting your ipod on shuffle? No its not, it would be like listening to multiple songs at once. Did he really need to incorrectly use an analogy the kids would understand?
    My first response to the title: "In other news, the sky is, in fact, blue. Except when it's not."