Albert Hammond Jr: 'When the Strokes Tour, There'll Be New Music'

Julian Casablancas also recording a new Strokes track.

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Albert Hammond Jr. has spoken out about the future of the Strokes - explaining what their upcoming Governor's Ball gig means and the progress on recording new material.

Speaking to Gigwise ahead of his excellent show at this year's Live at Leeds festival, the Strokes turned solo star revealed that frontman Julian Casablancas was recording Strokes material, and explained his mindset around the band's upcoming performance at the Governor's Ball festival in the US.

Comparing the band's return to the reunion of the Libertines, Hammond said: "I could never consider us a reunion because we haven't broken up, so it's a little different to The Libertines, but I think that people are thinking too much. You play music and if you get to make money out of it and people like the songs then I don't see what's so crazy about it. In time, I think a band need to release something to keep going.

"I know that when the Strokes tour again, it will be because we put something out - even though we didn't tour the last one. Doing a few festivals before you put something out is kind of gearing up the big machine, it just kind of helps everyone ge ready, mentally, financially and it brings you back to your audience. You can see the audience's reaction to your music and you just 'feel' again."

Hammond continued: "I'm looking forward to a smaller show more than a festival show. To me, festival shows are like a very rich dessert before the meal, but it's going to be awesome. I think it was just that Julian was trying to figure out his solo thing and I don't know when he's doing it, but we got this offer and we all agreed on it - but more importantly he agreed on it. He's the leader of the band, and we usually say yes to playing shows. I imagine that'll start something, it always does but it's just too soon. He's swamped with his solo stuff and I can't even begin to stress him out with like 'what are doing?' I know he's singing a song that we recorded and he's in the studio trying to do something, so we'll see."

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    Let's hope they never tour again then. I used to be a big fan but their albums got progressively worse.
    Disagree, the first 3 albums had some great hits and all, but I felt like I could listen to the last 2 most of the way through without skipping anything. But as they always say, "Different Strokes, for different folks".
    I agree. The last 2 albums have a replay value the first 3 lack. Angles has the most brilliant pop rock songs ever written and comedown machine to me sounds way ahead of its time.