Album Sales Down In 2012

CDs are to blame with rapidly declining in sales, but both digital and vinyl albums are booming with around 15% growth. Have your buying habits changed?

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Overall album sales are down in the US by 4.4% in the first 9 month of 2012 compared to the same period last year.

On the plus side, digital album sales in the US are up by 15.3%, and have sold over 1 billion units for the first time over this period.

Vinyl has also seen a dramatic 16.3% boost, but remain a niche format at 3.2 million units, according to Billboard.

The loser so far this year is the CD which recently celebrated its 30th birthday. At the same time last year there had been 151.6 million albums sold on CD - now it's down to 129.7 million, which dragged down the overall album figures.

It could have been worse. Adele's wildly successful album "21" is responsible for 4 million sales alone this year. The runner up is One Direction with "Up All Night".

As for singles, Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" remains the best seller with 6.5 million units. Only Carly Rae Jepsen and Fun have released singles that also surpassed 5 million sales.

Of course, these figures don't factor in the impact of streaming services like Spotify. Before the year is out the industry will likely release figures to describe streaming's impact on overall music revenue, and could finally answer if streaming is a long term solution to declining music revenues. For now, it seems that digital music sales are leading the charge against a drop in CD sales.

Have your buying habits changed this year? How do you think they might change in the future? Take the discussion to the comments.

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    Don't look at me I probably bought 25+ CDs this year.
    I've bought about 12. And I'll buy a few more as they're released (upcoming Cradle of Filth, 69 Eyes etc). But I immediately rip CD to hard drive (320 bitrate), and listen to the music exclusively via computer or mp3 player.
    Same here but except in my car. There is something about playing a whole CD in my car that's not the same when MP3s. I just love that felling of listening to an album start to finish.
    Yeah I haven't bought a CD for years until this year when I bought roughly a dozen also. I also copy them to my computer and my iPod as well as my gaming consoles but I still listen to listen to the full albums and listen to the CDs in the car because I just like it better than a bunch of downloads.
    Cradle of Filth is coming out with a new CD? I really didn't like Darkly Darkly
    The Manticore and Other Horrors, due out on Oct 30th. It's supposed to be a return of the 'punk oriented riffs' according to Paul Allender. The lyrical content is focused on horror mythos.
    Dr. Knox666
    That's sad. I like to have a physical copy in my hands, put in the CD and go through the booklet and shitt. Also the sound quality is much better than a downloaded version IMO. Just ordered 4 CDs today and can't wait to get my hands on them hehe. If the CD is going to die out I think I'll stop buying music.
    Me too. I have growing collections of both CD's and vinyl. I bought about 25 CD's in 2012. I just got into vinyl and I've gotten my hands on about 40 records. I think both formats are great, obviously better than digital. I really don't see the CD dying out in the very near future..but if it does, it will be a sad, sad day.
    "On the plus side, digital album sales in the US are up by 15.3%, and have sold over 1 billion units for the first time over this period." See, I don't get this. It's all about preferences, I get it, but why pay for something that isn't even physical? Buy the CD for the same price, instead... I'm glad that people are looking after the vinyl again!
    For some people it is a hassle to buy a CD at the store or shipped to your house and rip it to your computer. It takes time, sometimes you have to retype all the CD's information into your music library, and it just isn't worth it for a lot of people. However, I do like getting a hard copy of my favorites.
    You know, I have always wondered the same thing. Even if a digital album is a couple bucks cheaper (which it isn't, go to Amazon!), you miss out on so much of the listening experience as compared to getting a CD or Vinyl. The pictures, stories, and even just being able to hold the album in your hands is worth so much more.
    Well sometimes it's a small artist who sells their whole album online for like $5. If I'm not seeing them live to get it from the stand, might as well get the digital.
    Just to be objective, most CD's come out at $14.99(unless you're forced to buy from somewhere like an FYE, where they jack the prices to $16.99 or sometimes $19.99). The most I've seen a new release on iTunes for is $11.99, but usually $9.99. I'm saving $5-$10 buying digital. And as to the first part of your post about buying what's not physical, the bands I listen to tour in my area very rarely, so the only way I have to show support is to buy their album in the hopes that they at least see some of that money. Also, I'm really curious to see what kinda figures they can come up with when it comes to streaming services. I've been curious about that for a while.
    you obviously havent been on amazon then
    I go for them if Hot Topic or Bullmoose doesnt sell the CD im looking for. And Best Buy is my last resort, but they almost always nvr sell the CD that im looking for.
    Forgot to mention Amazon, thanks. You're absolutely right about that. When I got my iPhone I started using iTunes because I was able to download albums to it as soon as I the thought came to my mind to buy them, so iTunes is still the first thing I think about .
    It's about the music... not about having some CD in a plastic cover... MUSIC. I use spotify, so I can't be held accountable for illigal downloads and whatnot, they get royalties cause I listen to the MUSIC
    I love my CD collection, personally, the only time I ever purchase a download is if a band releases a single I like that isn't on an album yet.
    I buy almost entirely CDs. I download stuff every now and then but I prefer not to cause I like to have physical copies just in case my hard drive goes down and just to have the physical piece. I have a few vinyls but its only from favorite bands/albums. So yeah, mostly CDs for me.
    Ok, lets see... Jeff Loomis, Motorhead, Periphery, Testament, Meshuggah, Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Fear Factory, Slash, and Dethklok and Motorhead (when they're released) are the albums I've bought on cd this year. I think I'm safe.
    Nice list brotha. And I like to buy CD's as well, but I do prefer packages. Ive bought quite a few of them this yr. Memphis May Fire (with signed poster), Whitechapel (includes shot glass & pint glass, The Word Alive (huge bundle I cant even name all of the stuff), and I think the other one was Shadows Fall...but anyways I used to fileshare all the time, so im glad those days r over for me. Just bought Hoobstank's latest, Billy Talent's, Gallows, and As I Lay Dying's recently...oh and not going to lie I did purchase Deadmau5. But this is sad, Im going to most likely purchase for next wk as is: Converge, Between the Buried and Me, Coheed and Cambria, and Texas In July. Maybe Nonpoint, and Kiss, but im not a big fan of them 2.
    Diony x
    Not so many good CDs have come out his year
    Actually, I would have to disagree. Flying Colors, Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen, Rush, Lamb of God, Testament, Adrenaline Mob, Accept, and Slash (in my opinion) put out great records. Stone Sour and Soundgarden are set to release albums soon too. Obviously though, that number doesn't begin to scratch the surface of records put out in 2012 but I thought it was a good year.
    Diony x
    yeah, there were of course good albums too but not so many comparing last years
    I'd say that's a matter of taste. For me, last year had some brilliant albums but this years had a few great ones too. However, I might have to actually back you up on that in my own taste as several albums I've bought this year were actually released last year E.g. Explosions In The Sky, M83.
    "digital album sales in the US are up by 15.3%, and have sold over 1 billion units for the first time over this period" And they say the industry is dead.
    Nobody said it was dead you moron, only declining for certain genres (which happen to be most of the good genres
    There is no such thing as a bad genre and a good genre of music there is shit and excellence in every genre (for example metal and rock are mainly terrible due to the high saturation of mediocre bands at the moment but there are still acts like Maudlin of The Well, Drudkh and Sigur Ros releasing great material), no need to call me a moron either as you just come across as a dick-head when you might have a decent argument. Plenty of people have said the industry is dead, mainly from massive corporations such as RIAA trying to use it as a scapegoat for why file-sharing should be high priority on the list of issues that the governments should deal with.
    ...Obviously their accusations are not true as we have the information to show that legal downloads have increased this year. Same with the movie industry, they keep saying piracy is killing cinema yet if you look at how much money The Avengers made this year then you have conflicting evidence.
    CDs are hardly worth the price anymore, vinyls and digital copies are worth their prices
    Most people buy vinyl to hang on their wall. Plus downloadables like itunes are gonna take over. Long live Vinyl
    I prefer CD's over all other options. I have a big collection and transferred them from individual cases to those "8 CD's per front & back page" sheets about 10 years ago...then I bought 7 big 3 inch binders and moved everything to them. I'm able to store 1000+ CD's in a space about 2 feet wide by 12" high. I store the booklets alphabetically in some narrow cardboard boxes. I love being able to look through the binders and actually see the CD's or look through the colorful booklets instead of just looking at a file name on a computer.
    I switched to Vinyl this year, and have re-purchased almost my entire collection. Beautiful collector's items and not to mention you usually get a download code for the album. Just can't go wrong....
    Blame shitty musicianship, and just change in times. Its so easy to just download music. But the real fans will want the cd, there just aren't enough out there anymore
    What I don't want to see are bands and labels deciding to abandon the physical CD's and going all digital (like some bands are already doing). I like to be able to hold the CD in my hands and place it on a shelf and see my collection accumulate. Can't do that with digital music. You buy it, take the file, stick on your HD and that's it. Feels like a waste of money to me. Other than being a little more convenient, maybe a little cheaper, it's far inferior to having a physical copy of the CD.
    "I like to be able to hold the CD in my hands and place it on a shelf and see my collection accumulate. Can't do that with digital music." Cant see your collection grow? You've never used iTunes have you...?
    Yeah, growth in iTunes is the scroll bar getting a little shorter and taking a little longer to browse your library with every album you add. Not nearly the same as having the actual CD's accumulating.
    Well, I guess it could be worse. Van Halen's A Different Kind of Truth is the 6th Best Selling Album of the Year, so there are some people who still have good taste
    Dammit everyone. Quit buying One Direction CD's and buy more Metallica or Iron Maiden or good stuff like that. I don't care if everyone has a copy of Powerslave or Black Album. Go outside and pay again. This One Direction crap needs to stop.