Alex James Says Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher Are 'Working Together on a Lot of Stuff'

artist: Blur date: 08/14/2013 category: general music news

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Alex James Says Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher Are 'Working Together on a Lot of Stuff'
Blur's Alex James has revealed that Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher are "working together on a lot of stuff," NME reports. Earlier this year, Albarn and Gallagher put two decades of Britpop animosity behind them when they performed together at London's Royal Albert Hall for a Teenage Cancer Trust gig. Last month (July), James even went so far as to claim the pair are "like best mates now." Now James appears to have suggested that their friendship has led to some kind of collaboration. Chatting to the Sziget Festival website before Blur's headline set at the Hungarian bash last Friday (August 9), James was asked about the old Blur vs. Oasis rivalry, and replied: "Damon and Noel Gallagher are working together on a lot of stuff, so whatever was back then is not relevant anymore. But we have to add that young bands today are all very nice. We were totally intolerable." However, James failed to specify exactly what "working together" entails and sadly he wasn't pressed on the issue. Blur's Sziget gig, their first ever performance in Hungary, went down well though as the band delivered a memorable greatest hits set. Meanwhile, James has recently admitted that he has "no idea" how long Blur will carry on playing together for. After a performance at Berlin Festival on September 6, the band have a series of South American shows scheduled through the autumn and dates booked in Japan, New Zealand and Australia early next year (2014).
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