Alexi Laiho: 'Don't Complain, Just Keep Touring'

Children of Bodom frontman says it's easier to make a living if you stay on the road.

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Children of Bodom frontman Alexi Laiho says while it's hard to make a living from selling records, he has no complaints.

And, as Metal Hammer points out, he insists with record sales declining, the best solution is to get out on the road.

When asked about the situation following the group's appearance at Bloodstock, the Finnish guitarist/vocalist says: "I think it applies to all genres of music - it's harder to make a living nowadays because people don't buy records like they used to.

"But it's nothing to complain about - you've just got to get out there and play live. Just keep touring and you'll be fine."

The band are set to support Machine Head on their 21-date North American tour in October along with Epica and Battlecross, and they will begin work on the follow up to 2013's "Halo of Blood" before the turn of the year.

Laiho says: "We've rolled with Machine Head a few times in the past. My best memories are kick-ass shows, parties, camaraderie and vocal coaching from Robb Flynn back in 2008, so I think we'll have a good time tearing it up over North America."

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    God dammit, America get CoB and Battlecross supporting Machine Head on the tour? Of course the UK leg just gets 2 metalbore bands
    As a New Yorker, I feel for you bro. But it's about time North America got a solid lineup. Europe always gets the best shows. Although it appears to be more of a mainland Europe thing, and not necessarily in the UK. I did a double take when I saw Machine Head, COB, Epica, and Battlecross together. My mind was like "A concert where I actually want to see all of the acts? How did that happen?"
    Mr Winters
    UK doesn't get to complain, we barely get any decent shows here in Spain.
    i live in the states, in kentucky. we dont get a lot of bands that come through like this tour. but when we do, it goes hard. last week was killswitch, after the burial, battlecross(amazing) and code orange. earlier we had black dahlia murder and soon we get the carcass/obituary tour. i'll take whatever i can get..
    But can they release as much music if they are constantly touring? If they can, then it's fine, if not then it kinda sucks. I'm mostly interested in music for the records, the live stuff is just a neat bonus.
    COB releases an album every two or three years, which is pretty good considering how much they tour. And some ingrates will always say "wahhhh not enough keyboard, too much keyboard, not enough shredding, vocals not brutal enough, why can't they write the same stuff like from their first album, music video is stupid and ruins the song..." Shut up y'all. If you actually listen to the newer albums, you'll find a ton of amazing songs. Sorry, that rant got out of hand. My bad.
    Then i see no problem with it, i'm not particular familiar with them but if they can manage an album every two years and massive touring then he might have a point. I just wouldn't want to savrifice new music over live shows if it came to that. And fans will always complain, it seems that most artists change over timer, but there will always be a loud part of the fanbase that complains about everything that isn't one of the first three albums :p. That's just the circle of life in music.
    bodom wish list: wish they wrote some old school sounding songs having wrote in their new style since 2005 (because why not?!) wish warmen would have a bigger presence in the band like before wish warmen would use some new keyboard effects would love some neo classical stuff back in their songs
    I actually appreciate when a band changes it's sound every now and then. That way, you can look at their career and see the actual musicians behind it. You can see how their own tastes change, and (as a musician) I can appreciate that. I like AC/DC, but their extensive discography does nothing to show the growth of the musicians. One big plus of their latest albums is that there are much better grooves and riffs. Not as complex, but I've tried to learn how to play a lot of their songs, and I've found that while the solos are more simple in the later years, the rhythm guitar actually got tougher. My opinion.
    Warmen struts around the stage drinking juice and takes selfies while he plays! How much more of a presence do you need?
    Janne is awesome, but he seriously looks bored as hell when he plays, even during crazy solos. He needs to put his rockstar face on!
    He surely is pale.....
    Nah, it's pronounced "Finnish"
    Keep touring, but don't forget to at least engage the crowd. One of the favorite bands, but at Bloodstock last weekend it really seemed he didn't want to be there, he probably spoke to the crowd about twice...
    Probably had a time limit they needed to get their act done in, makes it hard for them to chat and stuff. Alexi is usually pretty good with the audience when he can be.
    Exactly. Bands playing festival sets usually just run through the songs, because they are on a strict schedule that's calculated down to the minute.
    no money in production sales? ya don't say... i hear ya can make some money off youtube...
    Oh yeah,'s easy to tour when you have people watching your back to make sure you don't get dicked over by a venue or a promoter. It's easy when you're guaranteed to get paid everywhere you play. Most bands don't have that. Alexi is a great guitarist, but clearly a delusional piece of shit.
    No, most bands do have that. If you don't, that's your problem and your responsibility. Stop being bitter and just go get what you need.
    I'm pretty sure he was talking about bands that are in the habit of touring anyway. In which case, yes, everyone has a manager. It's just plain stupid to attempt to do it yourself.
    The majority bands complaining about falling record sales do have these things