Alice Cooper And Marilyn Manson Announce 2013 Tour

Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson will team up for the "Masters Of Madness: Shock Therapy Tour 2013".

Ultimate Guitar

It's always a big event when like-minded rockers of different generations get their acts together and take them on the road. Last year saw Kiss tour with their similarly hormonal kindred spirits Motley Crue, and now Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson will team up for the "Masters Of Madness: Shock Therapy Tour 2013", UltimateClassicRock reports.

That's right, the man with the woman's name who was blamed for the decline of civilization circa 1975 will meet the man with the woman's name who was blamed for the decline of civilization circa 1996. Speculation about the tour began on Wednesday (March 6) when Cooper uploaded a tour poster to his website.

On Friday, Manson's website made the news official and listed three dates, with a promise of more dates to follow. The tour will kick off on June 4 in, strangely enough, family-friendly Salt Lake City, Utah and end June 28 in Rockford Ill. In between will be a June 25 show at the Family Arena (we're sensing an unintentionally ironic theme here) in St. Charles, Mo.

Cooper's website lists the three dates, and several others, mostly in the Midwest, through mid-July, but do not list Manson's participation. Presumably Cooper has been too busy golfing to update his site accordingly. Pollstar lists a fourth show in Pittsburgh on June 23, but that has yet to be confirmed by either party.

As of now, tickets are only available for the Salt Lake City night of the "Masters Of Madness" tour. But seats are on sale for most of the July shows, with a "Platinum Package" available. For $495, fans can get a meet-and-greet with Cooper, an autographed setlist, exclusive merchandise, a $50 credit at Cooper's website and an opportunity to get on stage during the show (hopefully not in the guillotine).

Masters Of Madness: Shock Therapy Tour 2013 dates:

6/04 - Salt Lake City, Utah 6/23 - Pittsburgh, Pa. (unconfirmed) 6/25 - St. Charles, Mo. 6/28 - Rockford, Ill.

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    "hopefully not in the guillotine" Pfft, I'd totally want to be in the guillotine at an Alice show!
    kill it
    I've seen both these acts in the last 6 months. Manson was drunk or high, vocally terrible and acted like an idiot throughout his very short 50-60 minute headlining set. Cooper was very good and can easily out sing Manson. Cooper's band was also superior and featured Orianthi on lead guitar. Manson better get his act together or be prepared to be blown off the stage by a man 20 years his senior.
    Rob Zombie is missing in this tour.
    They did the Twins of Evil tour... But they didn't get along.
    I don't know who told you that but Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper are long time friends.
    Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson did the Twins of Evil tour... They didnt get along... That is why Rob Zombie will not be on this tour with them.. Sorry... I should have made my response more detailed... My bad.
    Up until about the year 2000 Manson was one of the most vibrant and creative forces on the modern music scene. It's a shame he went downhill with drugs and clumsy lyrics (not to mention the ejection of Twiggy) but everything up to and including Mechanical Animals was brilliant. I don't know much Alice Cooper and of course School's Out is a great song, but I just don't think it's the same. And don't get me started on Rob Zombie. How old am I that I have to remind kids of when Manson was the sh*t?
    I'd say Holywood was his best album at all, and that was after Mechanical Animals. But yea, he has seen a decline, since about 2003 i'd say (Golden Age was an amazing piece of satire). Anyways, hope they drop by Denmark. never seen Alice Cooper - would be amazazazing.
    Does anybody else find it strange that a self identified Christian like Alice is touring with a guy who openly promotes LaVeyan Satanism and tears up bibles? Has Alice lost his faith?
    No, Alice Cooper's simply not as delusional as other Christians and keeps an open mind. That and he's used to being surrounded by "Satanic" rock-stars using such claims for shock value.
    Saw Alice last year when he opened for Maiden, and I gotta say, as a guy who's not really a fan, they blew the shit right off me. Their performance was great and it could've been a full show only with them Altough maiden were amazing as always
    Toss in Rob Zombie, Murderdolls, and Gwar, and I would blow a thousand demons for a couple of tickets!
    I missed maiden and cooper last year I'm glad he's coming back around again with manson
    Perfect fit, but a trio including Rob Zombie would be perfect. And to rapidgoon, i'll take Zombie/Cooper-style theatrics over shoegazers in tshirts and jeans anyday.
    Alice Cooper is easily one of the 5 best active shows you can take in. Consummate professional. Rob Zombie is better though. Alice Cooper/Rob Zombie would be a much more enticing duo for my buck.
    Manson needs to come back towards massachesetts, or new hampshire... its been 9 years since last seen in this area. manson is my idol!!! I went to see him while I was 6 months prego with my twins
    The weirdest ****s that can sing together? *Looks at Mayan calendar* Hmmm....
    So one that's washed up, old, and still incredibly awesome, and one that's washed up, old, and... that's it. Saw Manson at Rock on the Range last year. It was... sub par. I may have to go if they come towards TN, though, I've been wanting to see Alice Cooper for ages.