Alice Cooper: 'Foo Fighters Are One of the Only Rock Bands Out There'

"They're a pure '70s rock 'n' roll band that don't take prisoners," Alice explains.

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Veteran shock rocker Alice Cooper once again addressed the current state of rock music, calling it mostly dull and mildly amusing. While chatting with Highway 81 Revisited, Alice was asked about his recent Mumford & Sons comments, but instead of naming the bands who are doing it wrong decided to praise the ones that are doing it right in his book. "I'm telling you, the Foo Fighters are one of the only rock bands out there," Cooper kicked off. "The Foo Fighters are a pure '70s rock 'n' roll band that don't take prisoners. Same with Slash's band the Conspirators, and, ya know, Axl Rose, Axl's Guns N' Roses. Those are three bands that go out to rock 'n' roll, like Aerosmith, Ozzy's band, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper." He continued, "We are bands that are dedicated to guitar rock. I don't think you're ever going to hear us unplugged. At least I can guarantee you are never going to hear Alice Cooper unplugged. So that's the kind of stuff I like." Alice then pointed out the dullness of the "folk period" he believes we are going through at the moment, hoping it will end as soon as possible. "I think there's a lot of good, young bands out there," he said. "I think we're in a folk period right now. We're kind of in this really, to me, very dull period, where bands are just kind of boring. I'm sorry to say that, but I can't wait until the next cycle comes out when you come up with another Buckcherry or another Guns N' Roses or another Motley Crue or someone that goes out on stage and plays rock 'n' roll and makes you go, 'Wow! OK, That was fun.' Right now, though, it's a little boring." Cooper is currently busy working on a covers album, recording the tunes from such rock icons as John Lennon, Keith Moon, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, the Small Faces and T-Rex.

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    Apparently Alice isn't aware of the whole tour Foo Fighters did one tell him!
    ...and the album they released from that tour, or the whole 2nd disc of In Your Honor... I love the Foo Fighters and Wasting Light kicks ass but I'll admit Razor and Virginia Moon are two of my favorite Foo songs.
    Oh God, Razor. The most beautiful guitar tone with Dave's amazing vocals. The whole In Your Honor album, acoustic or not) is underrated. Dare I say their best work..
    Also Slash and Myles did a really nice acoustic set at some point, a lot of the songs are on YouTube.
    I find them quite bland and nothing special... Oh, I just talked $hit about Dave Growl! The heat is coming!
    Worst idea ever to take an unrivaled rock drummer and waste him as a mediocre frontman.
    Finally someone gets it, I love every time Grohl speaks cause he's a genius but he really isn't that special as a front man, his talents are wasted when he's not behind the kit
    He's just a man that does what he loves. A worse idea would be to constrain him to his drumkit and not let him express himself how he wants.
    Really Alice? Most modern bands are awful, but buckcherry is one of the great ones? Really?
    I think he was saying Buckcherry because they are entergetic and different
    I agree with him on the relation between 70's rock and FF, but I wouldn't go as far as saying that there's not that much rock bands nowadays, you just gotta know where to look.
    Maybe if you only focus on mainstream bands.
    "I think there's a lot of good, young bands out there," he said He knows that, the article is about mainstream
    Correction...The Foo Fighters are one of the only WIDLEY KNOW AND HEAVILY PROMOTED rock bands out there. Due to the state of the music industry, some of the best rock bands will never be heard by the masses.
    He forgot to mention Steel Panther, those guys are cool like hell!
    Not gonna lie...I'd like me some glam to come least then most rock bands were fun to watch...and somewhat original...and gave me a few laughs. Rock now is just so sad and...bland. OR BR00TAL!
    Or Cauldron, if you prefer 80s metal with less glam but same amount of catchiness and classic riffing.
    If I recall correctly Led Zeppelin did an acoustic section during their shows...and last I checked they're the most successful and well-known rock band of all time?
    You're taking it out of context, Alice has acoustic songs... just like any other band.
    Say what you want about Foo Fighters, but they really do have integrity and are one of the few bands that really seem to truly grasp the concept of having a human element in their music.
    One of the few bands? Every other band and their mother have been doing the analog recording, and hands on approach. That's what Jack White and the Black Keys and all of those bands have been about. Just because the Foo Fighters are a big band that decided to publicize their approach recently doesn't mean they're even close to the first to do it; it's been a growing trend since the early 2000's, and NOT just for obscure bands.
    "One of the few bands." Foo Fighters, Black Keys, Jack White. 3 bands. Few = 3 Thanks for agreeing with him?
    Those are just two of the bigger ones, the rest of the sample would be included in the "all of those bands" category. Dr. Dog is another example, and it's just one example.
    I just meant as far as popular bands go, they're one of the few still doing analog and not changing their style for money/more hits.
    I can't think of many bands that change their style for money and not cause they want to change their style. And analog doesn't make things magically better. They recorded analog cause they wanted to and it was a fun experiment. The music wouldn't really change if it was done in Pro Tools.
    Idk. They're still writing the same kind of music they always have, but Dave Grohl released a documentary to coincide with his album about how they wewre switching back to analog. All of his interviews about the album were all about that. It came off to me like he was being more of a follower than a leader. He certainly publisized his switch from digital to analog.
    Guns N' Chains
    I respect Alice Cooper and his opinion and I somewhat agree with him. But he ends his comment with, "that is the kind of stuff I like". Right. That is what HE likes. That is his opinion. Just because he doesn't like it does it make it bad. Also, since when is being unplugged not rock n' roll? He eludes to Guns N' Roses being one of these bands. Surely he has heard the song "Patience"? Many great rock bands have done songs, albums, and shows unplugged and they are usually awesome. It gives the music a different taste and perspective. There are a lot of cool, good, exciting rock bands out there. You just have to search and dig for them and not have the masses hit you in the face with them or shove them down your throat. Not to say that mainstream bands are not good, because many are. But when you actually search, you will find cool bands that are not front and center because they do not appeal to what is cool today.
    I disagree with that statement. Maybe they're one of the last true "rock" bands that have managed to become super stars, but there are many other bands that exist that are pushing rock music forward every day. It seems like Alice is only considering straightforward, kick-you-in-the-balls, Aerosmith-esque dad rock though, in which case I am 100% ok with letting that die out. It's been done, we can't stay in the past. Rock has to move forward, or it WILL die.
    Guns N' Chains
    No offense, but I hate when music is classified to an age group or person(s) ("Dad Rock"). I wasn't around during Aerosmith's prime or height of success, but I think they are a pretty kick-ass band just as much as I feel the same about a band closer to my generation in Avenged Sevenfold.
    Sorry, I meant no offense to Aerosmith; they are indeed a great band. But they are also very dated.
    the man has a point. most modern 'bands' out there today are pretty much all watered-down, generic indie music which most will be forgotten in a few years