Alice Cooper Officially Welcomes Orianthi As New Guitarist

Alice Cooper announced today that eminent guitar prodigy Orianthi will join his band, replacing departing guitarist Damon Johnson.

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Alice Cooper announced today that eminent guitar prodigy Orianthi will join his band, replacing departing guitarist Damon Johnson, for the next leg of his 2011 No More Mr. Nice Guy world tour starting September 22,2011 in Auckland, New Zealand. Currently in progress, the tour hits ninety plus cities, covering five continents, including Europe and North America twice over.

At the young age of 26, Orianthi has already experienced what most aspiring musicians only dream of. She's opened for her hero, Steve Vai; backed Carrie Underwood; traded solos with Carlos Santana; shared the stage with the King of Pop (Michael Jackson) and accompanied Alice during his live performance of School's Out on the 2010 season finale of "American Idol".

"It's very difficult to find someone to match the talents of Damon Johnson, commented Cooper, but not only did we find someone who is more than up to the challenge... she also looks WAY better."

Orianthi will join world-renowned guitarist Steve Hunter (toured and recorded with Cooper and Lou Reed) and Tommy Henriksen (co-wrote and played on Cooper's upcoming release); drummer Glen Sobel and Alice's longtime bassist Chuck Garric round out the band.

I'm super excited to go on tour with Alice, said Orianthi. It's a huge honor to be able to get on stage and jam with an icon.

Orianthi will debut with the band for a performance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Friday September 9, 2011 on NBC.

Alice Cooper School's Out (American Idol Season 9 finale, May 26, 2010):

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    AnnihilationUK wrote: I would like to put my penis inside her.
    Before I see the picture and I see your comment, my reaction "What the hell man!" After I've seen the picture "100% agree!"
    Ok... she is an ok guitar player(not an original one though, mind you), she is farrrrr from a prodigy. Just cuz she doesn't have a dick and can play guitar alright doesn't mean she's god or something. I can think of a few freelance guitarists who would be far better suited to this gig.
    I am now more of a Cooper fan, been an Orianthi fan for a while. She looks damn hot in a school uniform.
    This is really good news, she isn't a prodigy, secondly her list of accolades don't really impress me, I mean she's been playing for 20 years, and has a few albums and opened for greats(giggity giggity) but there are dudes who started playing in their teens and were gods by 21 (Hendrix, Page, Slash, Zakk Wylde etc).... Ok enough of that I actually really prefer her as a guitarist alone, and i'm quite excited to see how she'll do on tour, i wish her all the best
    im not gonna bash Orianthi for being labelled a prodigy, even tho i dont completely agree with that. she's done some pretty amazing things, especially for a guitarist her age, and considering she's a girl too lol. im excited for her, and hope she does great on the tour with alice!