Alice in Chains Drummer on US: 'We're a Disposable Culture, But the Music Always Exists'

artist: Alice in Chains date: 05/23/2013 category: music news
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Alice in Chains Drummer on US: 'We're a Disposable Culture, But the Music Always Exists'
According to Alice in Chains drummer Sean Kinney, "things don't last long" in US when it comes to festivals, as most fans don't give enough long-term support for them to become a tradition the way European festivals do. During a recent interview with 99.7 The Blitz, Kinney gave his input on the current situation, saying, "It's America. Europe has got these long, standing, 20-30-year festivals and it doesn't seem like things last as long here. We're more of a disposable culture, like 'Oh, onto the next,' you know. "But the music always exists," the drummer continued, "so it's just [a matter of] trying to find out the proper way of going and keeping something like that working. I think people kinda burn out on them after a few years, they're kinda like 'Oh it's not cool anymore.' And I don't know when music wasn't cool, so it's doesn't make any sense to me, but that seems to be the perceptive, you don't have that over in Europe, those festivals [are] going on for 20 years and they look forward to it." Kinney also spoke about the effects rock 'n' roll lifestyle had on the band and the reasons for not partying as hard as back in the day. "There's a consequence to partying your balls off that we're really aware of and it's not from our lack of doing it to excess," drummer said. "Just that I'm here talking to you guys is pretty amazing. I wasn't designing myself to survive this long, 'cause I just didn't really care, so to me it's just weird that I'm talking to you guys and doing this. "I lived that way since I was 12 until several years ago, so it's not a hobby weekend thing, it's just what you do all the time. So it quits being a party, it's just how you live and it's not a really glamorous way of living." As far as the current state of the group and future plans go, Kinney commented that the only reason the band still keeps going is the fact that they are doing what they like an believe in it. But judging by his words, things did change in rock 'n' roll and it's much less of a lucrative line of work than it was. "The only reason we do it is 'cause we like it," Kinney started, "We believe in what we do, we care about each other, we operate like a family. It's not the same as it was when we started, there's no Music Television, there's no 'Cribs' lifestyle, there's not a bunch of money in rock 'n' roll man." New Alice in Chains record, "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here," is set to drop in a matter of days on May 28 via Virgin/EMI Records. The album consists of 12 new songs, with samples of each track officially available for streaming over at iTunes.
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