Alice in Chains: 'Every New Record Can Completely F--king Destroy Your Reputation'

Jerry Cantrell also confirms that the band will be shooting a video for "Voices" in the near future.

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Seeing that it's been well over a month since Alice in Chains unleashed their latest record "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here," guitar mastermind Jerry Cantrell took some time to sum up his impressions of the album's success so far.

During an interview with Shaw Connect, the axeman didn't hesitate to express his satisfaction, saying that everything basically went as good as it possibly can.

"You have the opportunity every time you make [a new record] to completely f--king destroy your reputation and f--king lay a turd. But it couldn't have gone any better. We had a successful tour, people dug it, it performed well in a dwindling economy and also a dwindling music business."

Cantrell continued, saying, "So we kind of reestablished the band, brought in a new member, did a lot of stuff and it worked out. Now we don't have to worry about that so now where do we go?"

There is definitely more to come from the ranks of Seattle rock legends, but it most definitely won't be in the near future, as the group is planning not only to additionally promote the current record, but also take a long vacation once everything is wrapped up.

"Oh no way, not even [laughs]," the guitarist said when asked about whether he is even considering a new album at the moment. "That will be well after we take a nice long vacation after this one."

Speaking of the current AiC release, Cantrell has officially confirmed in a separate radio interview on Power 97 that the four-piece is planning to shoot a new video, this time around for "Voices," track number four off the latest album. The axeman admitted that he enjoys the softer side of the band to a great extent, so it comes as no surprise that "Voices" was the tune the group opted for.

Previous videos include "Hollow" and "Stone." AiC recently also confirmed a new string of UK tour dates set to take place in November featuring Ghost as a support act.

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    Great album, much better than Black. Better harmonies, production, and songwriting.
    I don't think so, Private Hell has a great composition and Check My Brain... But this album is great any way!
    I honestly haven't heard the whole new AIC album, but I have heard Stone a few times and I think that's one of the best rock songs I've heard in a long time.
    Jerry Cantrell is a good musician, but i disagree completely. Whenever you make a new record you have an opportunity to create new songs, push boundaries, be a thoughtful creative person. If you do it right that will come across. If you lay a turd, it's because you're being lazy.
    I hear you, but you could also do something ahead of the game and have a negative initial reception of/to it. Houses of the Holy, e.g.
    AIC are one of my favorite bands but this album was my least favorite
    Completely agree, I tried but it just wasn't gripping or exciting in any way
    Whose reputation did Lulu destroy? Lou Reed's? He's still remembered as an integral member of The Velvet Underground, and Metal Machine Music already ruined his reputation to begin with. Metallica's? Last I checked they're still on top of the world with international touring, new album hype building, a growing festival, and a new movie coming out. Maybe we should stop rushing to name-drop that album for easy upvotes?
    ''guitar mastermind'' Jerry Cantrell. Steady now.
    Primary composer, lyricist and vocalist of the band. I think he qualifies as a "mastermind".
    "AIC are one of my favorite bands but this album was my least favorite" Couldnt agree more. I love AIC but dont care for any of the songs on this record except Stone. Black was a great comeback record.