Alice In Chains Finish Recording New Album

Jerry Cantrell shared a few words regarding the band's new LP.

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Three whole years after the surprisingly strong comeback album "Black Gives Way To Blue", it's about time we get some more information on new material from Alice In Chains. Scarce reports regarding the groups' fifth studio album started coming in earlier this year, with the writing process postponed from 2011 because guitarist Jerry Cantrell underwent shoulder surgery; later, early 2013 was reported as a likely release date for their fifth album, and that seems to be the case now.

Jerry Cantrell shared a few words regarding the band's new LP. With the recording reportedly finished, the guitarist stated that making the follow-up to their first record with singer William Duvall was "like having to deal with the sophomore jinx for the second time in our career." The guitarist added, comparing the new, Nick Raskulinecz - produced effort to "Black Gives Way To Blue": "In my opinion, that record stood up to anything else we've put out in our career. And this new one is right up there as well."

The band are currently set to tour at least a few festival next year, Antiquiet reports.

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Stay tuned for more news on Alice In Chains' upcoming fifth record in the near future.

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    Now all we need is a Alice, soundgarden and pearl jam rotating tour!!! We shall call it..... The Alice in Jamgarden tour!!!! can't friggin wait for the album!
    Cannot AiC! Would love to see them tour the UK too!
    Layne chose his path, and I doubt Jerry was okay with that. It's almost impossible to talk sense into someone that is a heroin-addict. Trust me, I'm sure he tried hard to get Layne to clean up a bit.
    That's true. Kinney told in an interview some time ago that Layne would stop being friends with anyone that tried to help him, and that includes Jerry... But the guy is just trolling anyway...
    I feel a "coming into their own" with Duvall on it's way. Black Gives Way was great, but I think this one is going to be even better. Duvall puts on a helluva live show. Great singer.
    awesome! I will always miss Layne but William is a great singer who fits nicely in the picture in my opinion !
    Excellent! Just need some news from TooL to complete the AiC-QotSA-TooL 2013 Triumverate.
    Tool announces they will never release new material: plans to lead fans on for another 7 years.
    Saw them in Scranton when they released BGWTB. Great show. DuVall does a great job.
    It's really weird seeing 3 of the 4 MAJOR grunge bands of the 90s being active again. Awesome, but weird.
    Everyone ignore all of TimLarkin's posts on every article he is always he is a ballbag.
    Everything this band has done since DuVall joining the fold has been nothing but respectful towards Layne and AiC's legacy, and having met Jerry myself, no, he is not an ass.
    WORD! New Soundgarden last month, and now new AiC... Hell let them and PJ go on tour.. I'd be there in a dam heartbeat.
    IF you can get tickets. Its rediculous how hard getting tickets are and how much they are inflated for resale. I was able to see AiC twice so far though and are fantastic
    Seen all these bands long ago... So happy to see them coming back to kill poptard shit and rap..
    Can't wait I knew When I heard Jerry's solo album Degradation Trip... Songs like Psychotic Break, Bargain Basement Howard Hughes,Solitude,Angel Eyes & Gone are Awesome He could and should make a New Alice Record and Black Gives Way to Blue is a masterpiece Album of the year 2009 from the opening riff All Secrets Known all the way till Black Gives Way to Blue....I'll remember you! This and Black Sabbath 2013 is gonna Rock!!
    Awesome! I can't wait, I was a bit wary when they got their new singer, but when they released Black Gives Way To Blue, I was just blown away. If they can make an album just as good, I'll be happy. I hope they can top it, I bet if Layne was still around he'd be proud of what AiC has done.
    looking forward to a new release. their last record was pretty dope as well.
    I'd like to hear Will take the place of lead vocalist more often rather than simply singing high harmonies. He has a badass voice (coming from a big Layne fan), but the production on black gives way to blue just wasn't my taste.
    Couldn't agree more. The only song where Will took the lead was "Last of my Kind", and that song kicks so much ass. I definitely wanna hear more of him on this new album. Jerry's a great singer, but he's not the frontman.
    "Private hell" is one of my favorite songs of all time. Damn rights Black gives way to blue was amazing.
    Awesome. Now give me another Dirt. Oh wait... "he" is dead... Another Black Gives Way To Blue is fine then...
    Josh Reubenking
    Way to be an *****. Show some ****ing respect for the dead. Be happy they got back together at all and decided to continue on. Yes, Layne is gone (RIP) but his memory remains very strong in that band. They have a new vocalist now who does a great ****ing job. Alice in Chains had the balls to continue on. A lot of bands don't when a member dies. Go **** yourself.
    You make me laugh. I probably have much more respect for Layne than you. I just don't think Alice is the same without him, although I think Duvall is good singer. Good thing they moved on and keep doing music, I'm glad they did it and I enjoyed Black Gives Way To Blue as well as I will certainly enjoy this new one. Your comment is a joke.
    Josh Reubenking
    The way you phrased it made it sound like they were disrespecting Layne.
    So you decided to go rage like breserk. Good call
    Josh Reubenking
    I hate it when people disrespect the dead. Or make it sound that way. My sincere apologies. I deeply respect Layne Staley. I am from his hometown as well. He's very well known and respected here.
    By no way I would ever disrespect Layne. If it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't love AIC as I do today. He was a victim of drugs and couldn't get himself out of it - maybe life didn't help him either. Its a shame the world lost him, as he was a great musician and, together with Cantrell, the soul of one of the greatest bands ever (in my opinion I mean). I see only reasons to hold him in great account.
    Josh Reubenking
    And I totally agree with you. Again, I apologise for snapping. Layne was one of the best rock/grunge vocalists of his time.
    What an intelligent and civilized way to reply to someone who has a different opinion than you! Kudos to you, good sir! Btw, i cannot see how little_boy disrespected Layne's memory in any way. Quite the opposite, he just stated that the current line-up won't ever be able to do something with the same quality as they did with Layne. I disagree with little_boy , and to me BGWTB is up to the same standards as every other AiC album, but i won't insult him or act like a prick just because of that.
    Stay out of big boys talk. He misunderstood me, but it's all good now. Go back to your cave, mister. Before I insult you for saying Black Gives Way To Blue "is up to the same standards" as the other albums.
    In my opinion "Black Gives Way To Blue" is their best album to date. Haven't heard a full album of old material, since there's just a few really good songs out there.
    The way you just replied makes me clearly see that this is, in fact, little boys' talk. You live true to your username!
    Funny thing, you replied faster to my comment than I did to yours. But its all good, Benfica is out of Champions League haha
    LOL it wasn't about the timing of your reply... You should take a few english lessons and come back later!
    Josh Reubenking
    He and I don't have a different opinion on Alice in Chains. I agree with him that Black Gives Way to Blue doesn't come close to Layne's material with them. And since when were you involved in this anyways. It was a misunderstanding. It happens sometimes. He and I are good now. Next time, think before you stick your unwanted nose in other people's conversations, dude.
    Ahahahah you snapped and lashed out in an instant, and now you're trying to paint a different picture of yourself? Grow up, and next time think before you lose your temper like that.
    Josh Reubenking
    How many times do I have to say it was a misunderstanding? Even little_boy said it was and everything was good! Yes, I have a very short temper. Anyone who knows me knows that. Nothing new there. But I apologised, he accepted it. Maybe it's you who should take your own advice and grow up, Linkerman. You stuck your nose into somebody else's conversation. Very much like a child.
    FAIL. You're in a public page on the internet. There's no such thing as "somebody else's conversation"; if you're willing to post here, you must accept that other people may want to add their two cents, and that can't be classified as childish behaviour. You want privacy, use the private messages or an instant messaging system. Besides, i didn't criticize the misunderstanding itself. I criticized the way you reacted, in a rude manner, with gratuitous insults. And again, you're in a public media. You can't expect people to know that you have a short temper. I don't know you, and i bet that 99% of people here don't know you as well. You can be a wonderful person for all that i know, but the way you lashed out leaves a bad first impression. I just wanted to show you that, but if you don't care about it, then i guess i shouldn't care anymore.
    Tbh I'd like to see more EPs similar to Jar of Flies and Sap. I'd also take an album similar to their self titled,since it's my favorite full length they did, but I doubt that will happen considering we know what fueled the vibes on that.
    REALLY, Facelift and dirt, Deff the best of the old. BTW Hollow kiks major ass!
    I think it's great that these guys work together again, but they had the idea of recording an album under a different band name which eventually turned out not to be true, but I still think they should change the name, at least to Alice and Chains or something similar sounding but different...
    This is what I was talking about "If we found some other dude, to sing I'd love to move on," Kinney said in a recent interview. "Write some cool tunes and change the name and go on like that . I don't see continuing as Alice and replacing somebody. We're not trying to replace Layne. We want to play these songs one more time, and if it seems like the right thing to do, it'll happen. I don't know how long it will go or where it will take us. It's kind of a tribute to Layne and our fans, the people who love these songs. It's not some 'I'm broke and I need the money' situation. We love playing together." And all you amnesiac hardcore can check the link here so we cn all kindly f*** off... e_in_chains_were_not_trying_to_replace_layne.html
    Vicryl 2.0
    bands says stuff and does the other.. Led Zeppelin once said that they will never play again after John died. and now we have a dvd of their reunion..
    Shame on the one person who clicked thumbs down for this. Hope it was an accident.
    dude shut the **** up. off is the general direction that me and a lot of people on this website in which we wish you would ****.
    Jerry Cantrell did a substantial part of the singing, so to me it is perfectly justified for him to carry on using Alice in Chains. Would? Heaven Beside You and No Excuse are just a few songs that have Jerry Cantrell singing for long periods. I say he has earned the right to do what he feels is right for the band. Layne Staley was a great singer and front man for Alice in Chains, and Jerry is a legend!
    Mad Season had Layne (AiC) and Mike (PJ), but no other members from either band ... nor any from Soundgarden at all ... Check your brains!