Alice in Chains: 'It Will Be a While Before the New Album'

Guitarist Jerry Cantrell says "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" follow-up might take a bit longer.

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Guitar mastermind Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains recently discussed the possibility of making a new record, stating that "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" follow-up might take a bit longer than expected.

Cantrell also talked with 94 Rock about the upcoming tour plans, revealing a busy schedule. "There's one more trip back to UK and two more trips around the states probably - and maybe get back to Canada as well," he stated, switching to new album discussion.

"It'll be a while," the axeman said. "It's [been] four years since we put the last one out, but at least it's not the gap that was between the last one, so that's about right - about three to four years."

The guitarist then remembered the time when the current AiC singer William DuVall performed as an opening act on his solo tour, praising the vocalist's life attitude and work ethic.

"I respect his attitude about what we do," he said. "It's like us - he's a lifer and that's why he fits in. He cares about it and his work ethic is second to none. Nobody I know works harder than him - I don't even work as hard as he does," Cantrell concluded.

"The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" was released back in late May as the fifth record in Alice in Chains opus. With 61,000 units shipped in the US within the first week, it landed at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. The band recently posted their latest single, "Voices" lyric video. Check it out below.

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    So it will be a while until the next album? The "be a while" part is no biggie; but the fact that there will be another is GREAT!
    That's cool - "Dinosaurs" is a record I can be satisfied with for 3-4 years. I won't be complaining on a long wait for a new album as long as they just do what they normally do.
    Longer than the 4~ years between BGWTB and TDPDH? I mean, I dig that they take their time and only do albums if they feel it's right, but shit that's a long time.
    I'd still rather wait and have a quality album to listen to than not wait and have a steaming pile of shit to listen to.
    I would be interested in a new Jerry Cantrell solo album and a new Comes With the Fall album.