Alice in Chains, Mastodon and Slayer Added to Sonisphere Bill

2014 fest is shaping up to be a hot ticket.

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While future of the Knebworth Sonisphere festival looked uncertain after being cancelled for two years in a row, the 2014 event is shaping up to be the year's hot festival ticket. As NME reports, the festival has confirmed that Alice in Chains, Airbourne, Mastodon and Slayer will be amongst the acts on a bill that already includes Metallica, Iron Maiden and the Prodigy.

Alice in Chains frontman William DuVall has issued the following statement about the festival:

"We're very excited to be playing once again at Sonisphere, particularly as this year has us joining our longtime friends in Metallica. It should be a fun ride for everyone - both on and off the stage."

Sonisphere takes place in Knebworth Park between July 4th and 6th. Early Bird tickets are currently on sale for £170.

So far, the line-up is as follows:

Iron Maiden
The Prodigy
Alice In Chains

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    >Prodigy, Metallica, Alice in Chains and Ghost confirmed >Knebworth Boner added to iommi600.
    Cannot stand "The Prodigy" but other than that - absolutely superb lineup.
    Only name in that lineup I can't say I like would be Airbourne, and that's because I don't know who they are. So yeah, I'm helly jelly
    Hey shwilly, Airbourne are an Australian band who draw a lot of inspiration from AC/DC (with a little Jet thrown in) and have an extremely high energy live show. Fun to watch.
    Well, thought the same before Sonisphere 2011 France. Got my ass kicked like hell.
    And me, ****ing student, got the partials that week. I would have definitely done the trip. Why are all those big festivals taking place in June ? Like Sonisphere 2011 was 7 and 8 JULY, which was just awesome, after all the finals, and it was close to sold out, so don't tell me it's because of the vacation.
    someone posted that while I was typing it, your description is more accurate so you take it Witt1975
    What's the point? Alice in Chains is going to play the same old boring 'greatest hits' setlist.
    Isn't that basically what every band do? What do you expect them to do?
    I'm a fan of AIC, and I understand why people are downvoting me, but they have played almost the same setlist for 8 years. I understand that at a festival they want to play a setlist that will entertain all types of fans, but all they play is radio singles among other overplayed songs.