Alice In Chains To Reunite?

The surviving members of Alice In Chains are exploring ways they might be able to perform again on a regular basis.

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The surviving members of Alice In Chains, whose singer Layne Staley died of a drug overdose in 2002, are exploring ways they might be able to perform again on a regular basis, according to Steve Hochman of The Los Angeles Times.

The seeds were planted this past February when guitarist Jerry Cantrell, bassist Mike Inez and drummer Sean Kinney reunited at a benefit for victims of the Indonesian tsunami. At that show, which took place in Seattle, four vocalists ? Tool's Maynard James Keenan, Puddle Of Mudd's Wes Scantlin, Damageplan's Pat Lachman and Heart's Ann Wilson ? stepped in for Staley.

"The guys had so much fun that they thought maybe there's something else we want to do," Bill Siddons, who co-manages the band with original manager Susan Silver, told The Los Angeles Times. "We'd love to find a way to let these guys perform together and have the fun they had and honor and respect what they created in the past, as well as Layne's contributions."

What shape that might take is very uncertain at this point, though Siddons insists there will be no reality show to find a singer, à la "Rock Star". "That's a perfect example of what happens when you marry television and music badly," Siddons says. "It's not what Alice was ever about."

They may not even be looking for a lead singer, at least not one full-time member, Siddons adds. While they're open to the potential of something along the lines of the current Queen tour (in which veteran rocker Paul Rodgers is filling in for the late Freddie Mercury), that's far from a given.

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    waz416 noe can even feckin imagine of even comin clsoe to touch what emotion and haunted soul Layne had in his voice.....but Id vote for Jerry to do vox....!!!....he can def. do it...or Scott Weiland.....PEAC EOUT
    Whoever said Scott Weiland should join em has a good point. I heard STP with Cantrell do a rendition of Got me Wrong and it sounded awesome. I think Weiland sounds the most like Layne, especially back in STP's Core Days. Jerry can sing as well too...
    nohandboy: can anyone really replace layne [POSTED: 16 August 2005 - 08:17]|
    you know it's funny people said the same thing when bon scott of acdc died, then brian came along and they were still acdc.
    Nirvana_GodSmak: If you've ever listened to unplugged AIC stuff. It's Jerry almost the entire time. They should get a backup singer, and have Jerry take over the lead. Him and Layne sound almost exactly the same, Jerry's voice being a tiny little bit deeper. It wouldn't be that hard to have a good rhythem guitarist that could do the harmonies Jerry and Layne used to do. [POSTED: 16 August 2005 - 16:20]|
    Seriously I agree. Layne was a awesome singer but they could get Jerry and someone else to do vocals and it would sound fine. I definitly will see them if they tour
    I had a good laugh reading that.
    If you've ever listened to unplugged AIC stuff. It's Jerry almost the entire time. They should get a backup singer, and have Jerry take over the lead. Him and Layne sound almost exactly the same, Jerry's voice being a tiny little bit deeper. It wouldn't be that hard to have a good rhythem guitarist that could do the harmonies Jerry and Layne used to do.
    I think Pat Lachman would be good singing with them. Now that Dimebag died, it seems like he has nothing else to do. The only thing is if he joins Alice in Chains, they have to change the name because they're not Alice without Layne.
    i dont think they shd get back together. they might spoil it. no way they could recreate the Alice in Chains sound without layne staley.
    The Mofaster
    Well this is cool. Hopefully they can get something going here. I wonder who they will get as a lead singer, should be kinda hard in my opinion.
    wow i really love alice in chains but i dont know what can be done for a singer. yes someone could easily replace the vocals but not his actual precence. but i bet it would be a pretty good show.
    I don't think Alice will be the same without Layne... Please, please don't settle on the guy from Puddle of Mudd...
    Layne was great and will forever be Alice, but Maynard would be great as a replacement. Wes Scanlon or whatever?? He needs to focus on getting his band a decent reputation first.
    man hopefully they'll find a good singer and keep going, but i doubt it Layne's voice is unique and besides Alice in Chains is not the same without Layne R.I.P Layne Staley
    I was thinking about getting an Alice in Chains CD when i first heard them about 2 months ago on . I would really like 'Jar of Flies' after hearing it, but are there any other albums in that style but with more tracks?
    I_SNORT_DOPE is a fag.KURTSHAPEDBOX,keep on rocking,youre cool.Alice In Chains kicks ****ing ass!
    i snort dope... first of all get over yourself... if you knew shit about alice you'd know that alice are anything but commerical and they want their band back and enjoying playing together. Oh yeah and gay, your really gay.
    Why the hell not Layne Staley's brother as the replacement? He's the vocals on nutshell and I bet you can't tell the difference. And just for all the talk with Maynard ffs, he's in TOOL AND APC currently... rofl.
    Lets imagine what AIC would sound like with a hint of the respective singers bands mixed in.....the damageplan thought is scary.....
    no one can replace layne but for commercial reasons they can damn sure try...layne looks like a puss in the picture...his look sure didnt match his voice one bit
    One of, if not the, greatest band of my generation (being 23). I agree Layne is irreplacable, but God how I would pay high dollars to see them live if they decided to. And whoever says Jerry Cantrell's solo stuff sucked can kiss my ass.
    There's no doubt about Layne being one of the key factors that gave AIC there unique sound, but i'd rather have an new singer step in than AIC disapear for ever...
    ya man when bands loose vocalists it kills the band, the musical talent is still there but it just doesnt sound the same and vocalist's voice is like how you can tell who it is (unless your a guitar freak and can tell the difference between most guitarists like i can cause i listen to music too often) the bon scott/brian johnson thing was a total fluke one in a million shot that they found someone to live up to bon's light... sadly i dont think they will be able to do the same thing... maxpayne your a moron by the way
    Emenius Sleepus
    I think that Alice In Chains can survive and thrive and play more great music, because the remaining members would stay true to their roots I'm sure - there's no way of knowing that, of course, but I think it's possible. If the guys will move forward, rather than try to recapture the old times, I believe there is a lot more in store for AIC if they indeed do reunite. Layne can't be replaced, but he is not meant to be replaced. It's going to be different, but not necessarily worse.
    While it is true that no one could ever replace Layne, I do know someone who would do a good job. John Kosco of the band Dropbox has a voice very reminiscent to that of Layne Staley. He, in my mind atleast, is the best "replacement".
    Layne had one of the most unique voices ever. I agree with whoever said that musicaly he can be replaced, it's the feeling that will be hard to deliver. But, everyone who says AIC can't be AIC without Layne are simply wrong. I think Jerry did far more of the writing and he could (and later did as noted by others earlier) handle the lead vocals.
    maynard is amazing but he should stay with tool because they are amazing as well i'm pretty sure layne and maynard were even friends cuz hes on one of tools unreleased tracks Long Live LAYNE!!!..
    I agree layne cannot be replaced but jerry can sing he did for the unplugged concert and he sounds just as good
    Of all the bands you listed,, well sublime sucks, but nirvana and the doors both pretty much came to an end because of drugs, so yea yur right what was i thinkin, douche.
    ma)(payne you are ***in retarded. some of their greatest songs were because of heroin you jackass. aside from that jerry should front the band and even if they get a new singer they wouldnt call it alice in chains outa respect and for the fact it wouldnt be alice in chains
    As if, the songs at that benefit gig just didn't sound right without Layne on vocals.
    This is great news Of course no one can replace Layne but MJK did a hell of a job in February.
    Liam Alan
    i hate to say this but idk if even MAYNARD can replace layne
    True, but I bet he sounded fricking bad ass!!
    alot of people hate it when band's replace their singers because for the most part, the band goes down hill. but honestly, if you were a singer and you died, wouldn't you want the band to still go on? I know I would, but it wouldn't be easy to find someone else. Layne wrote some really good songs but Jerry also wrote alot. Granite that Jerry's solo stuff is nothing like AIC but I'm sure he could do a good job. AIC will never be the same again but at least you can go out and see the band that once wrote these amazng tunes that you still hear on the radio.
    Butt nugget
    you cant replace layne he was just to good even if they do go ahead with a different singer it would just be pointless you will not have the same chemestry that the original band had but all the best to them and there efforts
    The hardest part will be finding someone to complement Jerry's vocals. Even if Cantrell took over lead vocals, a huge part of AIC's sound was the harmonies between Layne and Jerry. I'm not sure that's something that can ever really be replicated. The other thing to consider is that Maynard has his own gig with Tool, regardless of how well he sounded at the performance.