Alice In Chains Will Return?

Although Alice In Chains officially ceased to exist following the death of Layne Staley, guitarist Jerry Cantrell has recently jammed separately with Sean Kinney and Mike Inez.

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Although Alice In Chains officially ceased to exist following the death of singer Layne Staley in April of 2002, guitarist Jerry Cantrell has recently jammed separately with drummer Sean Kinney and bassist Mike Inez. Cantrell also told Launch that the idea of the band reforming with a new vocalist is not outside the realm of possibility. "Maybe some day, at some point, you know, if it worked out, and if it was something that everybody was into doing, and we found the guy that could cut it, as far as being his own personality and also honoring the memory of what the music is before without trying to be Layne Junior... who knows?" Jerry said. "Stranger things have happened."

As previously reported, Cantrell is touring with his new "covers" band, the Cardboard Vampyres, which also features ex-The Cult guitarist Billy Duffy and former Mötley Crüe frontman John Corabi. The group plays songs from both Alice In Chains and The Cult, as well as covers of tunes by artists like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and others. As of yet, there are no plans for the group to write or record any original material. Cantrell is currently writing his third solo album.

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    I know one person who would love this. Jono are you there? And anyway, do you think it will be the same without Layne?
    MOst of the people posting are dumb. Jesus Christ, just wait until the music comes out and let it speak for itself.
    with out layne it won't be the same, but the band is still going to be awesome because jerry cantrell, and sean kinney are amazing, but they need to get the first bassest mike starr, screw mike inez starr is way better.
    I have been talking to a bunch of AIC fans on an AIC fansite and we all agreed that this is awesome that they are doing this but there is no way in hell that they should call this project Alice in Chains. I think everyone would love to see these guys doing there thing again but it just isnt the same w/o Layne at the helm. Cannot wait to see what this actually turns out because they have actually been jamming for quite some time now. . .
    IF this does fall into place it'd be great. And the song structure and lyrical content could very well stay similar, because Cantrell did most of the writing. It probably wouldn't be the same without Layne, but as mentioned before, AC/DC pulled it off, so why can't they?
    Got Chains?
    They should just have Cantrell sing, He's a very good singer. If they get back together it would be great! It will never be the same without Layne RIP.
    I love AIC and they are probably my favirote band but ShadowRelcuse makes a good point "if AC/DC pulled it off, why cant they?" AC/DC is known for most of their stuff from back in black and beyond. yes i know that an AIC album wont be the same without layne, but alot of you guys are taking away from what jerry and the rest of the band can do. Layne was awsome singer but I guess alot of you havent figured out thats theirs more to a band than just vocals. all I know is that when AIC does make something new it'll kick ass and im really looking foward to it
    I think Cantrell added more to the band than Layne did. Don't get me wrong, Layne was awesome, but I think Cantrell was the heart and soul of the group. He should do lead vocals, then it wouldn't be like someone's trying to replace Layne.
    [QUOTEAxl_Duff_Izzy: HAHAHAHAAA Alice in chains = SHIT [QOUTE] you suck. . .
    Emenius Sleepus
    SoloRocker: You can't change a vocalist and keep the same band name.
    Hey man, maybe you are right... Most movie sequels suck too... But there are exceptions, as a lot of people mentioned -AC/DC is the most notable. Yes, Layne made the band who they were, may he rest in peace. But there was a singer with AiC before him,.. and maybe there is a person who is capable of filling Laynes shoes. AiC is my favourite band, as many other's here, and it's a painful issue. But give it a go, who knows?..
    Layne Staley is dead without him its not the same. The new band might be cool but not as kickass as it was with Layne. R.I.P Layne you are a legend and you rock!
    layne was an amazing singer . doubt that anyone can fill in for him.AC/DC was one of the exeptions when it comes ro replacing a dead lead singer.
    Never without Layne Staley!!! Jerry Cantrell is perfect but ALICE IN CHAINS NEVER AGAIN love you Layne Staley!!! you'll never die!!!
    We chase misprinted lies We face the path of time And yet I fight, and yet I fight This battle all alone No one to cry to No place to call home My gift of self is raped My privacy is raked And yet I find, yet I find Repeating in my head If I can't be my own I'd feel better dead .. Layne Staley
    it wont be the same without layne, but it would be cool... i think it could go good or bad, but i hope it goes good
    I love Alice. They're one of my favorite bands...but I don't think they can do it without Layne. They might be a decent modern age rock band like Audioslave, but I don't think they'll ever be anything more.
    so, in other words, they're making anothr grunge band. it will never be as good as it was, but it would be cool to see the band together again
    this is friggin amazing!!! It prolly wont be half as good without Layne,but it shuld still kick ass
    AIC is god, but it's impossible w/o Layne IMO. no one could measure up to the whole vibe his voice gave to the music, or his presence on stage.
    yeah finding new vocalists that don't ruin the band is hard, but I hope AIC find one just as good as Layne.
    I dont see why Jerry Cantrell wouldnt just do the vocals, hes an impressing vocalist himself and did a lot of the backing and some lead vocals on the albums, along with writing like 50% of the lyrics, no one could replace Layne, He is what all those bands like Godsmack and creed were copying, not eddie vedder, but IMO Jerry would be the best to do vocals instead of getting someone new.
    It sucks that Layne died alice in chains was awsome maybe they could pull off an AC/DC or Drowning Pool. Jerry Cantrell still rocks and their music will always rock.
    It will be a sad say if Alice in Chains gets back together without Layne. Think about how Nirvana would be without Cobain, or think about Korn without Jon Davis. Some things just aren't right. There should be no AiC without Layne. It would be better if the band got back together with a new singer and became a new band. Like Rage Against the Machine did with Chris Cornell. Anyway, I hope they leave Alice in Chains to rest and start a whole new band.
    Liam Alan
    NO, NO, NO!! No Layne, No Alice. Replacing you lead singer rarely has worked.
    Why doesn't Jerry sing? If Alice In Chains came back, I'd like to see a new name, like Pantera and Damageplan. Maybe it wouldn't be as good without Layne Stayley, but their quality of musicianship makes it difficult to see them come out with any bad material.
    Layne made that band, all the soul that went into AIC was from Layne, u just cant replace him, its like Dave Grohl saying, "oh this guy looks like Kurt, come on Kirst, lets start Nirvana again..."
    bah he never said it would be the same, and that he just doesn't want another layne junior cause it's not right, believe me if they come back they won't be Alice In Chains but a variation of it.
    thank you ZEROSTARR same with GNR you cant be the band w/o the people who were in it
    doesnt matter if the dude is Layne junior, they will still make great music
    Most of you are idiots here. Look think about it. say ther not Alice in chains ther just a band with Alice in chains members in it. if they make good music are you gonna dismiss them just coz layne isn?t ther? i agree they shouldn?t try 2 mimic him as it wouldn?t work but i wont dismiss the band if they make good music. Lough i dont think they should carry on going by the name Alice in chains. they should do a audio slave thing... if there good there good if not... then not. as long as they don?t try 2 copy layne then i have no problem with it. and tool nirvana... cobain wrote the music for nirvana, cantrell wrote most of the music for Alice in chains. layne was the driving force and the presentation and WAS Alice in chains but Cantrell was the back bone. Layne was the face that Alice in chains went by but the band could still be good.
    NO this cannot happen. No AIC without Layne. Mike Starr was the best bassist For any people who remember him
    NOOOOO!!!!! Without Layne there is no Alice in Chains PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!!!!
    I think they should give it a try but they HAVE to find a suitable replacement. Someone who can as close as possible to fillng Mr. Stanley's boots. Like AC/DC did with Brian Johnson.
    Without layne it could never be the same, but i would like to see it happen just cause it would give me a reason to buy another cd. AIC was prefect i don't think it could ever be possible to do it again, but u never know unless u try i guess