Alice in Chains Worried About Future of Rock: 'Who's Gonna Fill the Void?'

artist: Alice in Chains date: 11/29/2013 category: music news
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Alice in Chains Worried About Future of Rock: 'Who's Gonna Fill the Void?'
Grunge icons Alice in Chains shared a pessimistic stance about the future of rock music, stressing that without proper infrastructure and support for young artists, we're bound to get "sh-ttier and sh-ttier crops each year." Chatting with Wikimetal, drummer Sean Kinney said it's "scary" that people don't support music and artists the way they used to. "Who's gonna fill the void?" he asked about the future time when acts like Black Sabbath, Metallica and AC/DC are no longer active. "People don't give these new bands any care 'cause they don't put any energy into really getting their music or anything, they just take it." Guitarist Jerry Cantrell joined the discussion, adding that "there's not an infrastructure to support them long-term for them to develop, to go through changes and be a long-term band. There's just not enough money to do it anymore. "Music is not worth anything anymore, financially it's not. And it takes money to do it, it really does," Jerry noted, just to further elaborate. "If there's not any care or support being put into every crop, there's less and less every year, you're gonna get a sh-ttier, smaller crop every time. You got the crappier seed with a sh-t farmer - you're gonna get a smaller yield every season and that seems to be, to me, what's going on, and it's unfortunate man." After pointing out that the band dedicated their lives to music, Cantrell noted he respects anyone who gives the music business a go. "It doesn't matter if I don't like what you do or whatever - I respect anybody that can make a run at it," he explained. "It's all taste and there's nothing wrong with any sort of music, it's very hard to do and it takes dedication and if you can make a run at it, be successfull and have people listen to you or give a f--k about what you do, then I respect that because I know how hard that is." Alice in Chains released their latest studio effort, "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here," on May 28 via Virgin Records.
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