Allman Brothers Band Calling It Quits: 'This Is the End of It'

Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks leaving later this year, band to seize touring afterwards.

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Following the recent announcement of Warren Haynes' and Derrek Trucks' departure from the Allman Brothers Band, frontman Gregg Allman has officially announced the group's split after 45 years of work.

The two guitarists confirmed their decision earlier this month, pointing out need to pursue different musical endeavors. "For 25 years and 15 years respectively, we've had the honor and pleasure of playing, living, learning, and traveling with the Allman Brothers Band, one of the truly legendary rock and roll bands," they stated.

"We will be forever grateful for the opportunity and the experience, and for the love, enthusiasm, and support of the incredible fans," the announcement continues. "We are both preparing to dig even deeper into our various creative and musical endeavors and, as a result, 2014 will be our final year as part of the band."

Allman has now explained Relix that the split will definitely cause the band to cease all activities, but didn't rule out future reunions either. "This is it - this is the end of it," he said. "45 years is enough and I want to do something else, anyway. Everyone has their own real good respective bands."

Asked about possible reunions, Gregg added: "Who's to say? We may get together every five years and just do one play at a time."

According to the official website, the band currently has a 14-date New York residency ahead of them this March, as well as four festival dates in April and mid-August.

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    Say it aint so!! Truly one of the greatest southern jam bands. Hope I get to see these guys again.
    From the summary on the news page: Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks leaving later this year, band to seize touring afterwards. Seize touring! Seize it by the throat!