Allman Brothers Band Not Breaking Up

artist: Allman Brothers Band date: 04/15/2014 category: music news
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Allman Brothers Band Not Breaking Up
Allman Brothers Band denied breaking up rumors. spoke with Gregg Allman on April 11 (via AntiMusic) about the upcoming live album "All My Friends," due out May 6, recorded at a tribute concert to him earlier this year, and he started dropping some pretty big bombshells - unprompted - that will surely interest fans of the Allman Brothers Band.

"As for the rumor of the brothers breaking up after 45 years, in other words, after this year," he said, without being asked about that rumor, "That is a rumor. We are not breaking up. We are replacing Derek Trucks."

Guitarists Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes announced that they will leave the band at year's end a few weeks ago, and soon after that announcement, Gregg told Relix that the band would be calling it a day after 2014.

When asked what guitarists he is considering for the next iteration of the band, Allman simply laughed and said, "I ain't gonna let you in on all of it, brother! You wanna try out?"
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