Alt-Fest Issue Statement Over Cancellation Reports

Organisers are dealing with "challenging issues."

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The organisers of this year's Alt-Fest have issued a statement regarding reports that this year's hard-rock event has been cancelled.

Yesterday, fans voiced their frustration after headliner Marilyn Manson appeared to have stated that the event was cancelled, along with several other performers, DJs, ticketing sites and staff involved in the event.

Now, Alt-Fest have issued the following statement on their official Facebook page (via Gigwise):

"We at Alt-Fest HQ would like to sincerely apologise for our silence over the last 24 hours. Currently we are working all hours to deal with some extremely challenging & stressful issues for Alt-Fest.

"We will be able to provide an official statement with full information before Monday and answer any questions you may have at that time. We want you to know that we have been doing everything we can to take the right steps for you: our fans, friends & customers - we assure you we only have your best interests at heart.

"Missy and Dom"

According to Marilyn Manson's Facebook profile his headline slot at the show has been "cancelled." Meanwhile, Combichrist went a step further, issuing a statement that they were sad that the festival had been cancelled and that they were awaiting full clarification from the organisers.

"We received notice this morning that the Alt-Fest Festival in Kettering, UK booked for the weekend of August 15-17, has been cancelled," they wrote. "As of now the organizers of the event haven't made an official announcement but unless there is a massive cabal afoot, we will believe the word we received from our agency. So we are sad to report to you that we won't be appearing in the UK this Summer..."

Furthering this, Gigwise has contacted the PR agency who were working with Alt-Fest, who say that they only became aware of "the situation" yesterday and they're no longer working with the event. Also tickets through various outlets are not being sold anymore. While this may not mean the festival itself is cancelled, it doesn't look to rosy considering the other circumstances.

Rob Ferguson of Transcend, who manages five acts due to play including Fields of the Nephilim, also tweeted that he had been contacted to say the event was cancelled.

Alt-Fest was due to take place Friday 15th to Sunday 17th August 2014 at Boughton House, in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

Well, what a surprise. Alt Fest is no more.........I feel extremely sorry for all those who will undoubtedly lose money. Bad times.

- Rob Ferguson (@TranscendRob) July 29, 2014

The stoney silence from Alt Fest organisers is staggeringly insulting to all those who bought tickets or invested in their Kickstarter!

- Rob Ferguson (@TranscendRob) July 30, 2014

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    I think Manson has some sort of curse, he was due to play at sonisphere in 2012 and that festival was cancelled too. I wonder what went wrong. Not enough tickets sold? Couldnt get suitable security for the weekend? Its that they would cancel so close to the even.
    Alt fest offers you an alternative festival experience by allowing you to sit at home filling out credit cards forms to try to get your money back
    maybe they think if they stay quiet everyone will just forget, they probably spent too much money on themselves.
    Cancelling two weeks before it's due to happen seems very unprofessional I feel bad for the people who invested into it through kickstarter, I doubt they'll see that money again
    Such a shame. It would have been nice to have another Rock/Metal festival to choose from in the UK. I hope everyone is refunded their ticket money.